Run a Live Q&A with Your Audience

Launch your Q&A with a single click and allow your audience to submit their questions while you present.

Give a new meaning to meetings

Connect with your audience

Find out what your audience thinks and let them vote from their computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

Social Upvoting

Your audience can decide what questions to cover thanks to real-time social upvoting.

Keep your audience engaged

Anonymous Questions

When your audience has the option to ask anonymous questions, the quality and the quantity of the questions improve.

Answer on the go

Focus on the topics and questions your audience is interested in by displaying the top questions during a Q&A session.

Keep things safe & friendly

Moderate questions live

Filter repetitive, out-of-topic, or offensive questions before they go live with built-in moderation tools.

Profanity Filters

Automatic filters out any inappropriate questions based on keywords when the profanity filter is activated.

Custom Embed

You can easily embed your questions into your website or within your virtual event.

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