Create a word cloud with your audience

Create a free word cloud with Swift Polling to visualize popular phrases and big ideas from your audience

What is a Word Cloud?

Optimized experience

The idea behind this tool is to collect data and insights from an audience and have them visually represented in a cloud of words. The more frequent an answer or response, the bigger and bolder it will appear. Not only is it visually appealing, but your audience will get a thrill seeing their input represented this way over traditional graphs and charts.

How Do Swift Word Clouds Work?

Bigger and bolder

Word clouds work by representing more popular ideas in bigger or bolder spaces and fonts. You can also let your participants choose from a longer word list, or ask them a question they can submit an open-ended answer to.

How to Make a Word Cloud

Easy, peasy

First, you’ll enter your Swift Polling user dashboard and select “Create a Poll.” Then, you will choose the Word Cloud option to visualize the keywords your presentation audience submits in this classic, colorful format. You can ask an open-ended question or have your audience pick from a set of words you choose. When you create a word cloud with Swift, you have the ability to share the word cloud with participants or keep it to yourself. You can even filter out certain words, moderate answers, and use a profanity filter to watch for offensive words.