Online Poll Maker

Online polls are a fast and flexible tool for understanding and engaging your audience. They allow you to study participants, collect opinions with quick responses, or do research.

Use online polls to captivate your audience

Find out what your audience thinks

Let them vote straight from their mobile or smartphone.

Create a poll with one of the many polll types we offer

Pick a poll type that works best for you

Including multiple-choice, open-ended, word-cloud or survey options.

Create online polls in a matter of seconds

Keep it simple

You can create your polls ahead of time or craft them as you go.

Run quick surveys online

Real-time feedback

During your meeting or conference. Use the data as you go or study it once your presentation is complete.

Embed your online polls on your website

Swift generates an embed code

That you can place withing your website or content management system. Share online poll results with your audience or voters as you go, to give color to your presentations,