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No matter who you want to connect and share with, Swift Chat is the quick and easy online chat tool you need to do it!

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Choose from a number of different themes, 11 unique color settings, fun fonts, and other available design features to make your online chat room truly your own.

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Group chats and direct messages

Swift Chat automatically sorts your online chats into group chats and direct messages. Quickly and easily switch from different group chats without opening new browsers or clicking out of the platform-just click on the name of the person or private group you want to access.

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When it comes to advanced technology, reliable service, and powerful capabilities for hosting a group chat online, Swift Chat’s software is simply the best.

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Get to Know Swift Chat:
Frequently Asked Questions

Swift Chat allows you to have 4000 concurrent members, friends, or fans in your online group chat rooms, and up to 10,000 messages per channel.

Absolutely! Free online chat groups can fit in seamlessly with the rest of the branding on your site or social media platforms. Swift Chat puts the admin in the driver’s seat: choose from multiple color settings, various themes, different fonts, and plenty of other new design features that make sure your online chat room is inline with your branding.

Swift Chat allows you to send PNG/JPG/GIF image attachments directly within your group chat online. You can also include emojis and use plain text messaging.

A number of industries and individuals benefit from including a live chat option on their website so they can talk and share with others in a new way. Whether you want to use live chat as a customer service option, hold a private chat with select people, keep visitors on your site longer, conduct a live Q&A with everyone on the team, or interact with your fans in a free online chat group, Swift Chat helps you do it all. And the best part is, you can quickly connect with work or social groups from anywhere in the world! Here are some of the other applications for online group chat rooms:

  • Education
  • Employee interaction
  • New client onboarding
  • Fan pages
  • During meetings and seminars
  • Audience interaction during in-person or virtual events

Online group chat rooms are used now more than ever, and they’re also used in all kinds of industries. They add an element of professionalism and convenience, and they also help create a fun social atmosphere, even when gathering in person isn’t possible.

Customer service: In today’s competitive market, offering a live chat option to potential customers on your website is a non-negotiable. Consumers want to know they are chatting with a real person, and when it just takes a few clicks of their keyboard to do, even better! Live group chats are also a great idea on 404 pages. You can ask users where they were trying to go, and help make sure they get there by providing a direct link.

Business: With more teams and groups conducting business virtually than ever before, all of your employees need a way to interact that’s quicker than email—and that’s precisely what you get with Swift Chat’s online chat rooms app. Your team can use it to create direct chats with other people, a group chat for the entire team, and other groups broken down accordingly.

Fan interaction: Giving your raving fans a chance to chat with you online is an effective way to build your base, get to know your fans, and give back to them. You can even collect and request payments and donations over a live private chat room or from online group messages. Fans can also have the opportunity to interact with one another during live events, ask questions, offer feedback, and so much more. Asking your fans to join a free online chat can be even more effective than interacting with them on social media apps.

Q&As: Including a question and answer period or Q&A capability throughout your virtual events is an excellent way to boost engagement, create a sense of community, help attendees get their voice heard, and many other benefits, all with a free online tool! In addition to Q&As for virtual events, a live group chat can be used for Q&A during a meeting or presentation, or during a product launch when you know people will have a lot of questions and want to talk and share about the product.


Depending on your industry, there are a number of live chat group benefits you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

  • Faster support
  • Interact from anywhere in the world for free online
  • Chat rooms can be easily be sorted into different groups
  • Switch from group chat to group chat without leaving the platform
  • Instant customer feedback and interaction
  • Use group chat rooms to streamline the onboarding process
  • Chats can be customized using your own brand guidelines and voice
  • Personalized chat makes sure your brand voice stays consistent
  • Send messages quickly and easily from the same platform
  • Build your following by encouraging fans to join you on different platforms

You bet! With Swift Chat, you can quickly navigate between all of your direct messages and free group chats with just a single click. You can also navigate between a private chat with one person, while also interacting with another group at once.

Swift Chat stands out for a number of reasons. Not only is it incredibly user-friendly (set up a group chat in no time!), but it’s also one of the most fun, free ways to talk and share with friends, either in a private chat room or a group chat. It’s easy to create different groups, send messages quickly, and make the chat on-brand by having it look like your other brand graphics.