Let’s face it: the world has gone digital. Not only are we attached to our phones 24/7, but we also rely on them for all kinds of important tasks. Things like banking, conducting business, or even attending (virtual) medical appointments can all be done over our smartphones. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that mobile-friendly polls are a must if you plan to distribute surveys. 

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Polls in 2021 (and Beyond)

If you ask us (and we are polling experts!) mobile-friendly is a non-negotiable not only for polls, but for just about any online content you can imagine. Only sharing polls that aren’t optimized to be completed on mobile devices means you’re greatly diminishing the likelihood of high-response rates. And when it comes to getting the accurate data you rely on to move forward, high-response rates are critical!

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your own phone, these statistics might not surprise you. But for many people, these mobile marketing numbers and predictions from Review 42 just might blow your socks off:

Now, take all of these statistics and consider what that means for mobile-friendly polls. If your polls aren’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re going to miss out on an incredible amount of respondents. 

Mobile vs. web polls


There are, of course, certain situations when mobile-friendly polls aren’t feasible. For example, if you’re hoping to collect long, open-ended responses to poll questions, web polling is the way to go. Sure, people are more likely to respond in general on a mobile device. But they’re more likely to share lengthier, more detailed responses on a computer. (This comes down to attention spans and the ease of typing longer responses on a computer keyboard versus a cellphone)

For employee polls that are taken during work hours, it’s more reasonable to ask respondents to complete the polls on a computer when you know they’re sitting in front of one! But for customer audience surveys, mobile-friendly polling is the way to go. 

This means it’s also important to make sure your mobile surveys are not only optimized to fit on mobile screens, but that they are also set up to be easily completed on mobile devices.

For example, that means keeping your questions as short and sweet as possible. At the same time, you’ll want to limit the amount of responses your audience has to choose from. If you overwhelm them with dozens of options for each question, they’re less likely to select the most accurate response. 

And it’s not only each question that should be kept short. The overall amount of questions is also best kept on the shorter side. Most poll creators find response rates drop as survey length increases. (Want to learn even more facts about survey response rates? Take a look at this article next)

What else should I know?

Ensuring your polls are mobile-friendly is just one of the best practices to follow for survey creation.

Additionally, be sure you’re giving respondents adequate notice ahead of distributing a survey. This means they’ll make a mental note of the survey and be more likely to complete it once it shows up on their phone or inbox. 

In many cases, it’s also beneficial to allow respondents to see survey results in real-time. This goes a long way in promoting transparency and engagement. An example being if you’re conducting a meeting during which employees complete a mobile survey, you can share the live results on your presentation screen as they arrive. 

Whenever possible, we also encourage you to customize your polls with your branding and colors. This creates a cohesiveness across your marketing materials and boosts brand awareness at the same time. Particularly if you’re embedding a poll onto your website, you’ll want to be sure the colors and graphics align. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create mobile-friendly polls to share with your audience, team members, customers, or employees! With accurate, real-time data on your side, you can make informed decisions that help you move in the next best direction!

Get started today. 

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