In this post, we’ll tell you more about using Swift Polling during hybrid meetings. But before we get to that, let’s look more at how the workplace is (or isn’t) expected to change over the coming years.

While many workplaces prepare to transition back to in-person operations after more than a year of conducting their business online, other businesses are saying, “not so fast.” Many organizations are offering their employees the opportunity to continue working from home if they choose to. This means many businesses are adapting to a hybrid model that involves a mix of in-person and virtual work.

The Future of Hybrid Workplaces

For many companies around the world, working from home has proven to be a viable alternative to heading to the office every day, and it comes with a number of other advantages. Businesses have found that productivity has not only not suffered, but in many cases has actually improved. Other advantages include saving money on office space and other resources. 

In fact, a Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic. Additionally, 47% will allow employees to work from home full-time. Further, in a PwC survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that remote collaboration is here to stay beyond the pandemic. 

How to Use Swift Polling During Hybrid Meetings

Regardless of whether you fall into the remote, in-person, or hybrid model, there are all kinds of ways to use Swift Polling to help your organization run more smoothly.

Today, we’ll focus specifically on how these tools can be used during hybrid meetings to make them more efficient than ever. 

PowerPoint Polling Integration


Sharing a big PowerPoint presentation during your next hybrid meeting? Make it more interactive and engaging by embedding a poll directly within your slides. No more navigating between browser tabs or clunky links to find the poll you want to share. 

With Swift Polling, meeting attendees (both virtual and in-person) can access your poll directly from the presentation. Attendees can text a short phone number to participate, or vote online using a short event code on the Swift Polling dashboard.

You can take your polls in PowerPoint one step further by sharing real-time results with attendees. Anyone attending your hybrid meeting can see the results come in live if you choose to share them. This is a powerful way to boost engagement, promote transparency, and build trust.

Learn all about Swift’s PowerPoint polling integration right here. 

Quiz Attendees

Who says quizzes can’t be fun? Not us! A short quiz during a hybrid meeting is useful for a number of purposes. For starters, you can use a quiz to quickly gauge subject understanding. Then, these results help you shape the course of your meeting. Alternatively, a short quiz keeps your audience on their toes, paying attention, and engaged during the hybrid meeting. 

Meeting organizers can also choose to raise the stakes by sharing a real-time results leaderboard with attendees. They can see who’s leading the quiz results, and compete for a top spot on the board. 

Head to this link next to learn about our quizzing and gamification features. 

Create a Dedicated Online Chat Room for Hybrid Meetings

If some attendees are their in-person while others are tuning in online, how can they all communicate with one another without disrupting the meeting? The answer: Swift Chat! Our online chat room platform makes it easy to create a dedicated chat room for attendees in just a few clicks. Then, they can communicate with one another via the chat, rather than whispering, texting, or emailing.

As the meeting host, you’ll also have access to all of the chat room admin features you’ll need to keep the chat on track. Choose to ban or permit users at your discretion, create separate chat rooms for individual discussions, and offer verified user identification for certain chat members. Additionally, you’re able to customize the chat room so it’s inline with your organization’s branding for a truly seamless experience. 

Get to know Swift Chat here

Embed Swift Polling in Your Video Conferencing Platform

Even your virtual attendees can feel like they’re part of the action during hybrid meetings with live video integration. This is another way we’ve set out to make hybrid and remote organizations interact more seamlessly. 

For virtual meetings or events, we provide a custom streaming service with a CDN layer. This CDN layer allows you to broadcast your content to as many viewers as needed. With adaptive streaming at its core, Swift ensures every audience member has an optimal viewing experience based on their internet speed and bandwidth.

Then, your attendees can enjoy all of Swift’s features throughout the video conference, including live polling, SMS polls, Q&A, quizzes, and much more. 


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