Group decision making can be tough in the best of times. Add a global pandemic and the inability to meet with your group in person? The decision making process feels even tougher. The good news is, there are awesome tech options for making team decisions, and they can be used whether you’re all in the same room or worlds apart.

How to Use Live Polling for Making Team Decisions

One of these tech options worth exploring is live polling tools. When all it takes is a few clicks to create a poll to share with your team, you’ve got a way to collect instant feedback like never before. You can poll your team while you’re all together, or when you’re scattered around the world.

Either way, the results will empower your group to move forward knowing team decisions have been made fairly and transparently—all with the help of a live poll!

Here’s how they work.

Create a poll

Create a poll

First things first: it’s time to create your poll. Depending on the team decision that needs to be made, your poll could be incredibly simple. For example, a one sentence question with two simple answers.

Like this:

Question: Should we buy a new office microwave or television?

Answer Options:

  1. A) Microwave
  2. B) Television

But this all depends on the type of data you need to collect. A multiple choice poll might be the perfect fit. But there are also options for open-ended questions or word clouds too. Once you’ve nailed down these details, it’s time to launch your poll!

Launch your poll

Depending on the type of poll you’re creating (i.e., SMS poll or web poll), participants will vote online or with an SMS text.

To launch a web poll, there are a few different ways to share it with participants. For example, you could email them a direct link to the poll, or the poll could be embedded in your website or in a PowerPoint presentation.

You can also launch a poll to share in a presentation screen and participants can submit their response via SMS message. To streamline this process, you’ll have a dedicated phone number for your account that respondents will reply to. If, for example, they wanted to vote for option A, they would text the number that corresponds with that answer. In this case, they would text the number one.

Collect instant feedback and results

Whether your respondents are making team decisions via SMS texting or online voting, you can now start collecting the data you need! Rather than calling on every team member to raise their hand and vote, you’ve got an incredibly simple (and fast) way to get their input.

This is beneficial not only because it’s simple and fast, but for many other reasons too! In some groups, team decision making isn’t a fair process because some team members are scared to speak up. But when you offer them the ability to vote anonymously with live polling, you can be sure you’re getting accurate results.

At the same time, live polling collects and sorts the data for you instantly. Rather than hand tallying votes, it’s all done electronically. This virtually eliminates the opportunity for human error!

Collecting results this quickly is just one way to make your meeting more efficient. Take a look at this post next for more ways to run efficient virtual meetings.

Use the data to make better team decisions

As for how you use all of this accurate data you’re collecting, that’s up to you! But when it comes to using live polling for making team decisions, here are some suggestions.

Share the results with your team: This promotes transparency and fairness between team members—they’ll have more confidence in the results.

Close calls: If the results you collect from your live poll are very close, consider rewording the poll and trying again. If the results are still really close, you might consider exploring a compromise between the top options to ensure more people are happy with the results.

Use the data as a starting point: There’s no rule saying the data you collect has to be the final decision on an important subject. Instead, you can also use the results to start a discussion within your team. They might be surprised to find out how opinions vary on a different subject. Often, a team member might think everyone is on the same page until they see the data laid out before them.

When it comes to team decisions, transparency, accuracy, and flexibility are always important. With live polling from Swift, you have all of these features and more. Sign up for free today!

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