We are a year into it, and many businesses who have transitioned to conducting all of their operations online still haven’t mastered the art of sticking to a timeline during virtual meetings. But fear not! In today’s post, we have all of our top tips for keeping your virtual meetings as efficient as possible.

Have you spent more time staring at a computer screen this past year than ever before? You’re not alone. It’s no wonder terms like “Zoom meeting fatigue” are a regular part of our vocabulary.

Before, you could have popped your head into your boss’s office to have a quick discussion. Now, that same quick discussion could turn into an entire virtual meeting that takes up a bigger chunk of your day.

Tips for Efficient Virtual Meetings

With endless meetings on the go, it’s more important than ever to keep them efficient. Here are our top tips for doing so!

Set an agenda

Without a time-sensitive agenda, there’s no hope of your virtual meeting staying on track…because there isn’t a track to stay on! But if you create an agenda for the meeting ahead of time (and share it with your attendees) this can go a long way in keeping things on track.

(For example, you might dedicate the first ten minutes to sharing a new initiative with attendees. Then, the next 20 minutes could be open to questions.)

Have a moderator

Once you’ve created this agenda, the next step is sticking to it. And one of the best ways for doing that? Assigning a meeting moderator!

Whether it’s you or another attendee, assigning a moderator will help keep your virtual meeting on track from start to finish. Not only can they ensure you stick to the timeline, but they can also moderate questions and comments or even remove and approve attendees.

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 Use live polling

Asking every attendee to raise their hand one by one and submit their questions, answers, or responses can eat up a LOT of time. You might plan for this entire thing to take ten minutes, and then before you know it, all ten attendees have ten minutes worth of comments they want to share! Rather than relying on raised hands and vocal responses, consider using live polling during your next virtual meeting.

Using live polling during virtual meetings is an invaluable resource a number of businesses rely on every single day. Whether they want to get employee feedback, gather opinions, or test understanding and knowledge, a live poll can help your entire scope of business operations.

To make this as streamlined and efficient as possible, you can distribute polls via email, embed them in your website, or share a link for attendees to use to access the survey. If your meeting includes a PowerPoint, you’ll be glad to know there are also options for embedding a live poll directly into your presentation.

Leave questions for the end

Leaving the floor open to questions during the entire meeting is almost always inefficient. A better approach is designating a time slot just to questions at the end of the meeting. For starters, this ensures you have a chance to cover all of the topics and points you intend to. And it also gives you a chance to clear up some of the questions attendees might have before they need to ask them.

But what if you run out of time during a meeting and your attendees still have questions left to be answered? A convenient way to handle this is using polling software that lets you collect written questions and export them for later use. That way, attendees can send in their questions directly. If you can’t get to them during the meeting, you can save the questions to address later.

For example, you might send out a mass email with all of the previously unanswered questions with your answers. Or, you could reach out directly to those attendees to answer their questions individually. This is also a helpful way to track common questions to see which areas might need to be elaborated upon with your group. If everyone is asking the same question, that’s a telltale sign it hasn’t been covered in enough detail!

Ready to start using live polls in your virtual meetings?

You just can’t beat the efficiency of live polling technology during virtual OR in-person meetings. They help you collect responses, questions, and data in real-time. Not to mention, this technology also displays and stores that data for you so you can focus on running your meeting.

So, if you’re ready to see what a live poll can do for improving efficiency (and engagement) during virtual meetings, get started today! Swift Polling provides truly live poll results that update in real-time on the presentation screen. Present your poll results live within Swift’s dashboard or by using our Microsoft PowerPoint integration.

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