Businesses and groups all over the world rely on online chat rooms to communicate all kinds of ideas and information each and every day. But as anyone who has ever taken part in an online group chat can tell you, they can get off track if there isn’t a designated chat member on top of things.

The good news is, appropriately moderating a group chat minimizes the risk likelihood of it getting derailed. When someone is in charge of moderating an online group chat, they’re tasked with things like keeping the chat on topic, ensuring the content is appropriate, and that users are permitted or denied access accordingly.

Moderating an Online Group Chat

If you’re that person who has been given this responsibility, you won’t want to miss the rest of this post. We’re going to share six tips for moderating a group chat that will help keep chat rooms fun and efficient for everyone.

Create and share online group chat guidelines

One of the most effective ways to keep an online group chat in line with the vision and goals for that chat is creating and sharing guidelines for using the chat. You can even have users agree to these guidelines before they’re permitted to enter the chat!

Here are some of the things your guidelines might include:

If your online group chat doesn’t already have a set of guidelines for users to follow, it’s time to create one. If it needs to be updated as you go, be sure to keep chat members informed and up to date on these changes.

Offer users verified status

With Swift Chat’s online group chat admin options, you can offer users verified status. This can be a great incentive to offer users who regularly participate and follow the group chat guidelines. As an admin, you can also add names, user status, email address, avatars for the users of your choice too.

Reset group chat rooms

Let’s say you conduct seminars that last two days and you use a group chat for the members during those days. If you want to keep the chat for the next seminar but start from scratch, this is possible.

Once your group chat has run its course, you can reset it before starting it up for the next group. That’s right–instead of creating a whole new room, one option is to reset group chat rooms. This removes all current users and lets you start fresh.

This is also a strategy that can be used if an online chat gets completely off the rails and you need to start from the beginning.

Remove or ban chat members

One of the key responsibilities of an online group chat moderator is removing and banning members when appropriate. Anytime a user violates the guidelines or needs to be removed, Swift Chat makes it easy for the admin to do this. As a moderator, don’t be afraid to take advantage of this feature. Removing certain users can make the entire experience that much better for the chat members who follow the guidelines and participate appropriately!

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Delete messages or threads

Sometimes a well-meaning member accidentally violates the group guidelines, or perhaps they’re on one or two of their three strikes. In these cases, you can choose to delete their message or thread rather than banning the user entirely. If there isn’t a moderator available 24/7, you can search for specific words or phrases once you’re online to remove them as soon as possible.

Sort groups accordingly

For some groups, a single group chat is appropriate. But in many cases, creating multiple online group chats is helpful! With Swift Chat, you can sort chats by topics or by members.

This is a great way to keep the chat on the right topic! It also ensures the right members are in the appropriate room, and keeps it simple when referring to previous chats.

Online group chat with Swift

Moderation is just one component of a great group chat! Want to learn about the others? Our blog is full of resources for online group chats, live polls, and more!

Or are you ready to start offering your users powerful, stylish, and secure online group chat capability? Click here to try Swift Chat free today!


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