Chat rooms have been around for decades now (can you believe it?), but they’ve come a long way. Now, there are all kinds of exciting features, benefits, and uses for live chat rooms that are helping businesses and groups of all kinds.

If you have yet to incorporate a live group chat into your organization or team, it’s time to start!

Six Big Benefits of Live Chat Rooms

Not convinced? Here are six big benefits of live chat rooms you might not have considered yet.


We’re big fans of brainstorming sessions over here at Swift. Time and time again, we see how they can lead to a team’s best idea yet, boost morale, and encourage collaboration. With live chats, your team members can brainstorm and share their ideas in real-time…even if you’re spread across the world!

Want to learn more about virtual brainstorming? We talk all about the benefits of these sessions as well as how to conduct a virtual brainstorming session in this post.

Distance learning and training

It’s more challenging than ever to get your whole group in the same place at the same time. In fact, it’s downright impossible depending on gathering restrictions where you live.

Luckily, live group chats make it easy to conduct distance learning and training sessions no matter where your team is. You can use a live chat room to share information, including documents and images, and even host Q&A sessions to cover any misunderstood topics or features.

Not to mention, a live chat room is a far more cost effective option than most other gatherings, and your employees or team members can access the content whenever they need to.

6 Benefits of Live Chat Rooms You Might Not Have Considered

Employee support and relations

Remember the days of walking down the hall to your coworker’s office and popping your head in to ask a question? This kind of face-to-face interaction certainly had its advantages, but it wasn’t always the most efficient use of your time…especially when those quick trips turned into 30-minute sidebars!

With a live chat room set up for employees, they can quickly ask questions, submit work, and share feedback without getting up from their desk, couch, or wherever it is they work.

Live chat rooms are even quicker than email or phone calls, and they make it easy to offer your employees the support they need, when they need it.

Customer support

Speaking of support, live chat rooms can also be incredibly beneficial for customer support. In fact, we’ve even covered in this blog post how live chat could be the secret to winning the customer service race in 2021!

A live chat room helps your customers ask questions, access resources, and get the info they need a lot quicker than they can with email or phone calls. Having access to a live person can go a long way in boosting brand awareness and creating lasting customer relations.

Offering customers and clients this kind of instant gratification is an invaluable resource for any B2C company!

Boost productivity with live chat rooms

It’s pretty amazing what live group chat rooms can do for productivity. Whether you’re noticing a slow response time with emails and phone calls or information requests are taking longer than you’d hope, live chat rooms could be the solution you need.

When team members have access to a group chat right on their desktop, they can quickly share responses, files, and information when and where it is requested.

Client interaction

Text based live group chat rooms are an excellent feature to offer your clients to help them feel more engaged and involved in decision making. You can create separate chat rooms for different clients, and even download chat content to use later when you need it. Bringing your clients into a dedicated live chat room for THEIR business is an effective way to show how much you value their business and keep them involved in the decision making process.

Your clients will also appreciate the ability to interact with you and your team this way. They’ll love having access to team members who can answer their questions or offer up other information when they need it.

Create live chat rooms with Swift Chat

Whether you want to boost productivity, connect from anywhere in the world, host a virtual brainstorming session, or enjoy any of the other benefits of live chat rooms, Swift Chat helps you make the most of this resource.

Our online chat room platform for websites live events and Q&A comes with all of the powerful features you need to interact and engage from anywhere in the world. You can seamlessly move from chat room to chat room, customize your chat rooms with your branding, and do it all with no servers, no maintenance, and an SSL secure connection.

Ready to see what Swift Chat can do for you? Find a live demo right here. Or, contact us to try Swift Chat for free today.

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