One of the most incredible technological advancements of the past few decades is the ability to interact virtually. From emails to text messages, online group chats, and interacting on social media platforms, it’s never a challenge to communicate from wherever you are.

But one of these virtual chat options–online group chats–have seen an even bigger boost in the past year than others.

In fact, online group chats have become the norm for communicating within organizations, for communicating during live events, and interacting with communities.

Online group chat for businesses, live events, and communities

Let’s take a look at how online group chats have revolutionized the ways these groups communicate.


Whether you love them or hate them, you’ve probably taken part in your fair share of meetings throughout your career. Until this past year, most of these meetings probably took place in person. One on one meetings might take place in your office, or bigger group events would be held in your boardroom.

But now, these meetings still need to happen but they can’t always happen in person. Virtual meetings are now commonplace, with Zoom calls becoming a regular part of the daily work schedule.

Another way business communication has changed is by an increased use of online group chat for interacting within corporations. You may have just popped your head into your coworker’s office when you had a quick question before. But now, you could be miles apart each day. And unfortunately, email isn’t always the most reliable or fast way to communicate.

Instead, companies are opting for adding an online group chat feature for their employees to interact.

With online chat platforms like Swift Chat by ExciteM, you can create one on one chats or group chats. Did we mention you can even sort chats by topic? It makes it easy to quickly interact within your team, and you can even conduct business meetings over group chat.

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Live and virtual events

Live events still happen every day. But now, more and more of them are held online. That means your attendees might gather around their computer rather than settling into a theatre or conference centre to take part. And giving your attendees the opportunity to speak out, ask questions, and be heard during live events is just as important as ever!

But even during in-person events, communicating between presenters, moderators, and attendees is a challenge for some groups. Now, with online group chat capabilities, you can offer live and virtual event attendees the ability to interact with one another (and you!) during the event, all without disrupting the flow of the event.

The best part is, it’s incredibly easy to do. You can create a customized online chat experience in just a few clicks for a free group chat with Swift Chat. You can even customize the chat with your brand colors, and create separate group chat rooms.

That way, you can offer certain attendees the opportunity to interact more closely, or even create breakout chat rooms for different groups and topics.

Moderators can also filter questions or comments before they’re shared, and even ban members at their discretion. With online chat room platforms like Swift Chat, you’ve got all the tools you need to make your virtual or live event your best yet.


Whether you want to connect with fellow gamers, other book lovers, fan club members, or any other community, a live group chat is the way to do it!

Use a group chat to connect with your community, and that way you’ll always have a way to interact, ask questions, or discuss the latest and greatest developments within the community.

You’ll have the ability to make chats private or public, and even moderate content before it goes live. It’s easy to create different groups for different topics, send messages quickly, and make the chat on-brand by having it look like your other brand graphics. You can quickly click between chats without leaving the platform, and you can search your chat history for the information you need.

Create your first online group chat today

Whether you need to discuss important business information, create a fun chat room with like-minded people, or connect with event attendees, an online chat room is the way to do it! Connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, and always have a way to interact and create communities.

Want to learn more about how Swift Chat lets you do all of that and more? Click here for a live demo! Or, contact us today to get a plan customized to your organization needs.

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