Leading a remote team isn’t exactly something that everyone is going to be familiar with right off the bat. Things like keeping up with daily operations, meeting team member needs, and staying on top of weekly check ins, all take a little bit of extra strategic thinking when they need to be done remotely. But what if a group chat was the answer to your remote team management prayers?

The Benefits of Using Group Chat

The reality of today’s day and age is remote teamwork is common. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Communication needs to be adjusted in order to keep operations as effective and efficient as possible.

Time is a valuable resource to any business. The problem is it can get lost as remote teams simply don’t have the option to swing by their team members cubicle, or do a quick one-eighty to ask a question in group work spaces.

A group chat can help to streamline communication between team members. It helps you as a manager to stay on top of business needs – even while things are different.

How to Use a Group Chat

Sure, a group chat is easy enough to download and share with your team members. But knowing how to use it’s going to make a big difference in your ability to manage your remote team. Here’s how!

General Team Sharing

One of the best things about group chat is that it’s easy to use for any daily sharing that might happen between team members.

Instead of being able to take a quick walk over to someone’s desk you can send them an instant group chat message which is a major time saver–especially over sending an email which takes time to pull up and write.

Group chat can even be a more efficient option for teams who aren’t remote as well!

Sharing, quick questions, brainstorming, or commentary, you name it. Group chat makes it easy.

A Place for Fun and Banter

One of the things many teams struggle with being remote is that the daily ‘fun’ and banter of the workplace is taken away. Group chats help to close the gap between formal emails and total isolation. They provide as a spot for team members to chat, share about their day, or even share hilarious memes with one another.

The daily chat by the water cooler might be taken away, but that doesn’t mean your team members need to be strangers! Let your team know it’s okay to use the group chat as a spot for a bit of virtual socializing (within reason). This can help them to be more successful as a team in the long run.

Quick Sharing of Documents and Files

Forget drafting an email and compressing files to try and get them to remote team members.

Group chat takes away the complications of sharing by allowing you to quickly share documents and files within a few clicks.

Image attachments can also be quickly selected and shared keeping efficiency as high as possible.

Q&A Sessions

Things like team meetings can be hard to manage when done so remotely. Team members have ideas and questions they want to share, but how can you ensure everyone is heard while still remaining efficient?

Group chat makes Q&A sessions simple as team members can ask their questions right in the chat. Moderators then have the ability to prioritize questions and avoid having team members talk over one another or repeat the same questions.

There are tons of tools and settings available right at your fingertips!

Discussions Around Sensitive Information

Group chats are great for the ability to be inclusive with team members. But there are times when things need to be kept a bit more private. In order to manage sensitive information, all you need to do is start a private chat with only the team members you want to be involved.

Live Streaming Group Chat Options

Live streaming can be important for remote teams who want to stay efficient. And they’re only made MORE efficient by incorporating a group chat!

Team members can share their thoughts and opinions, or ask questions as you go. Whether it’s about important team projects, or just simple questions about general information, team members will appreciate a resource to be able to contribute with ease.

Swift Chat for Better Remote Team Management

Now that you know the BEST ways to use group chat to help manage your remote teams, what’s the next step? Finding the right group chat platform of course!

Swift Chat is not only great for enriching user experience online group chat, it comes packed with tons of other great features. Explore everything from customizable chat rooms to the ability to move from chat room to chat room. Simply visit the Swift Chat page and be sure to try out our Live Demo!

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