There’s no denying working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years–especially this past year. Advances in technology have made it possible to pick up work from just about anywhere, saving commute time and maximizing efficiency in a lot of ways.

COVID-19 has only pushed the concept of working from home even further as pretty much anyone who can work from home has been required to. Many employees have taken to online work and have been successful in incorporating things like video calls and group chats into their work processes.

One of the things that remains unchanged however, is the necessity of employee feedback. Even though employees aren’t physically present, their needs and concerns remain a priority.

Employee Feedback Surveys and COVID-19

COVID-19 has made just about everything a little bit different, and that includes the approach you take towards employee feedback surveys. Think about what is going to be most relevant to your employees during this time and what some of their concerns might look like.

We’ve put together a few examples of COVID-19 related employee feedback survey questions to get you started:

Why Employee Feedback Matters During COVID-19

Of course, employee feedback is important during any time, but there are a few reasons it might take priority during COVID-19. Not only are employees feeling constantly concerned about the state of the world and their health, many are left feeling uncertain about their careers.

Employee feedback surveys allow you to instill positivity in a few ways:

Present an Employer Understanding

Employees are probably feeling like they should be masking their fears and concerns. However, when you as an employer provide an employee feedback survey you simply show you care.

Your survey let’s employees know their feelings are valid. It confirms you are there as an employer to support and guide them through this difficult time.

Improve Communication

It can be difficult to properly communicate with employees as daily run-ins and check-ins in the office are taken away. An employee feedback survey helps to improve communication with employees. It opens the door to them sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Give Advice and Distribute Information

It can be difficult as an employer to ensure every employee is aware of everything going on within your business. Employee feedback surveys provide an additional opportunity to help employees become aware of useful information like how to use their health benefits.

How to Use Your COVID-19 Employee Feedback Results

Once you have collected the answers to your carefully thought out survey questions, there are a few important steps you should take.

Review and Understand Results

While positive employee feedback is great, the area you’re going to want to pay special attention to is the constructive feedback. These are areas your employees feel should be improved, which is useful feedback you can use to implement change.

Share Results

After the feedback review process, you should take the time to share the results with employees. This will help them to see you’re taking their feedback seriously.

They will feel more inclined to participate in employee feedback surveys in the future as they know their opinions are being used in an actionable way. Be sure to let employees know about what changes you plan to make based on the input given.

Make Decisions and Changes

A survey is going to put a lot of useful information right at your fingertips. The truth is this information is useless unless you take action on making changes based on it.

Make decisions on which areas you are going to improve upon. Then be sure to put a plan in place that will help you to effectively make those changes. It could be small adjustments here and there that help you to accomplish your goals in the long-run.

Create Your Next Employee Feedback Survey with Swift Polling

Creating and distributing your next employee feedback survey has never been easier than with Swift Polling online polls – even remotely! All you have to do is pick a poll type that works best for you and then craft your survey questions either ahead of time or as you go.

Once distributed online, your employees can give you real-time feedback. They can also provide their survey answers to be reviewed at a later time. Either way, an employee feedback survey is one of the best, and most efficient ways to gain a better understanding of your employees.

You’ll be sure to make your workplace a great one both during COVID-19 and beyond!

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