Let’s face it: mediocre customer service never got anybody anywhere. And in today’s ultra-competitive world, there is absolutely no room for error when it comes to customer support and service. As competitive as the market is, it’s also increasingly digital. This means on top of keeping up with customer questions and comments, you need to do so in a way that keeps up with the times.

Live chat and customer service

The truth is, if your business’s website doesn’t have a live chat feature, you could be missing out on a LOT of opportunities to make sales, impress your customers, and even keep visitors on your site longer. It’s one of the best (and all too often, under-utilized) customer service options you have at your disposal.

Five ways live chat can help you win the customer service race

With online group chat software, it’s now easier than ever to include a chat feature on your business’s website.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are five reasons live chat could be the secret to winning the customer service race.


Young adults are notoriously unlikely to pick up their phone to make a phone call. Instead, they text, email, or interact over social media. Unfortunately, this can mean bad news for your business.

Here’s what we mean.

Let’s say your business sells hiking boots. A 25-year-old shopper finds your website and loves the look of your boots.

There’s just one problem: they have a question about sizing that isn’t answered on your website. Rather than picking up the phone to call the phone number listed on your website, they would sooner look for a competitor who offers them the information they need.

Now, let’s say that the same user sees a chat box pop up at the bottom of the screen while they’re shopping. They see a live customer service representative is asking how they can help. Instead of searching for a different hiking boot, they simply ask their question, get the answer, and hopefully, you make a sale!

This kind of convenience is an absolute must in most markets. And with user-friendly online chat platforms, it’s easier than ever to offer it to your customers.

Competitive advantage

A friendly, fast chat feature is an impressive feature on any website. Often, it’s impressive enough to help you stand out from your competitors!

Live chat demonstrates your willingness to support customers on their sales journey. Further, it also shows how your business is willing to invest in the tools they need to do this.

Increase sales

If competitive advantage and convenience weren’t enough, wait until you hear this next benefit of live chat: it increases sales!

That’s right, customers are more likely to convert on websites that include a live chat feature. And these numbers aren’t minor. Multiple studies have found their conversion rate improves by north of 20% by implementing a live chat feature on their site.

In addition to the sales boost live chat can bring, it can also help you financially in other ways. Rather than adding costly phone support your users are less likely to choose, offering live chat instead can save businesses between 15% to 33%!

Build lasting customer relationships

We’ve all experienced the frustration of hearing from a bot rather than a real person when you need customer support. Rather than getting to share your comment or question directly, you’re stuck entering vague search terms or choosing support options that have nothing to do with what you really need.

But with a live chat feature, you can offer your customers exactly what many of them are looking for: personalized support!

Your chat moderators can share their name with customers, immediately creating a connection. Depending on the length of the interaction, this is also a chance to plant seeds for future sales, learn more about your customers, and find out what your customers really want.

Collecting valuable feedback

Speaking of finding out what your customers really want, live chat is a helpful way to collect feedback. Rather than losing frustrated customers who can’t find what they need, they are able to tell you directly what they need and what they’re looking for. And not only are they able to do this, but they are more likely to share when live chat is an option.

Customer service and live chat are a match made in heaven

We could go on for hours about the benefits of live chat for business websites. But today, we stuck with five of the biggest reasons you need live chat on your side if you want to win the customer service race: convenience, competitive advantage, increasing sales, building lasting customer relationships, and collecting valuable feedback.

With all that in mind, we have one last question for you: what are you waiting for? Learn more about how Swift Chat by ExciteM can take your business to the next level or schedule a demo here.

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