When you conduct a survey or questionnaire, you want the answers participants provide to be genuine and honest. That’s the whole point of collecting answers and data in the first place! So, how can you ensure you’re getting the most raw and real answers respondents have to provide? The answer may just be in collecting anonymous data.

Why Collect Anonymous Data?

Making answers to your questions, surveys and polls anonymous means your audience can rest assured their feedback is entirely unidentifiable. This can help to give them confidence in answering your questions without fear of judgment.

There are many additional benefits to collecting anonymous data. Here are a few we think are most important to note!

Ease of Mind for Participants

It’s common for participants to feel uneasy when it comes to providing opinions and information with their name on display. They don’t know the consequences of their responses and if they really should be truthful in their answers.

Keeping things anonymous takes away this concern for participants and helps them to feel at ease while answering your questions.

Better Quality and Quantity of Response Rates

When respondents feel they are protected, their willingness to participate only increases. As the number of participants increases, so does the amount of data you gain from it.

Additionally, the quality of responses increases as participants don’t feel limited when it comes to the information they are willing to share. This ultimately allows you to conduct surveys and questionnaires with more value.

More Accurate Data Collection

As there are no consequences or ramifications to responding truthfully, participants will feel a lot more inclined to do so. This means for more accurate data and unbiased opinions.

Data that is honest and real is a lot more trustworthy than data that may be skewed by fear of negative consequences. Once collected, this data is seen as more reliable and can be used with confidence to inform decisions, ideas and theories.

Developing a Relationship of Trust

When a survey or questionnaire is presented with the option to be anonymous, it helps to develop trust with participants. They will feel you are genuinely interested in hearing their honest answers, rather than collecting information to use against them.

Not only does developing trust help you to gain real and honest answers, it helps participants to build a relationship with you or your brand. This can mean awesome things as far as marketing, loyalty, and engagement go.

You can learn even more about building relationships and driving better engagement here.

Honest Workplace Feedback

If an employee is to answer a survey or questionnaire in the workplace it’s common for them to feel somewhat apprehensive. They wouldn’t want to say anything that might hurt the feelings or perception of someone else. They would also want to protect themselves from being seen in a negative light.

This can result in unhelpful feedback as answers aren’t entirely honest. Anonymity is useful for surveys and questionnaires in the workplace because employees can feel more comfortable knowing their answers can be genuine without any negative consequences.

Your ability to collect anonymous data can really make or break the quantity and quality of the answers given to your questions. This means finding a functional, but anonymous tool to conduct your surveys and polls is an important part of the data collection process.

How to Collect Anonymous Data

Collecting anonymous data has never been easier with SwiftPolling’s anonymous survey and question features! You can get to the bottom of what your respondents really think and provide the option to ask anonymous questions.

Participants can even ask questions anonymously during an online Q&A session. This has major advantages as it encourages participants to ask real and honest questions while offering their suggestions at the same time.

This feature is especially great for those who are on the shyer side or are more hesitant to express their opinions to a group. Their identity remains protected and they won’t be left feeling overpowered by some of the more vocal participants.

Swift Polling also offers the option to filter out any of the irrelevant, hostile or obscene comments that may come with anonymity. You simply choose the questions you want your audience to see by marking them with a star.

Using the Power of Anonymous Data

Collecting anonymous data could make all the difference in the outcome of your surveys and questionnaires. Higher response rates with more honest and genuine answers could be just what you need to make informed decisions and improvements!

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