You’ve done the work to put an incredible survey together. It includes all of the valuable questions you need to gain better insights, it was sent out at just the right time, and it took a lot of your precious time to create. There’s just one problem! No one is engaging in your survey in order to get you the response rates you need.

If this is something that has happened to you, you’re not alone! Getting great response rates on surveys is one of the common challenges many survey creators face.

To improve your odds, it may just be time to use survey incentives.

What is a Survey Incentive?

Sometimes it takes a little added push in order to get people to participate in your survey. Which is exactly what a survey incentive is!

It could be in the form of a prize or a reward in exchange for participation in your survey. Offering survey incentives proves to be mutually beneficial as you get higher response rates and participants get something that appeals to them.

Incentives to Help Increase Response Rates

If a survey incentive sounds like something you could benefit from, we’ve got 5 ideas just for you!

Financial Incentives

A little extra cash? There’s nothing quite like it to help put some pep in your participants step! You might offer money as an incentive. This is usually best done by sending a check by mail, offering a gift card, or by putting money into a respondents PayPal account.

It will be up to you to decide what amount is a reasonable offering in exchange for a response to your survey. Think about the length and difficulty of your survey in order to help you decide.


Sweepstakes can be a great way to boost response rates. While you might not be able to provide a valuable prize to each and every person who responds, you might offer their entry into a draw to win one.

This is great for survey creators because it ends up only costing them one prize while they receive many survey responses. Be sure to always follow the rules around hosting sweepstakes contests for best results!

Try These 5 Survey Incentives to Boost Response Rates

Free Items or Downloads

There’s nothing quite as sweet as receiving something for free. Except in the survey world it’s not exactly for free, it’s in exchange for a survey response!

Offering free samples or downloads for survey responses is a great way to motivate respondents. You could offer a free sample of your product or service for them to try. This is also a great way to market your business and get people to share it with their friends.

Downloads can also be a great ‘free’ item to offer in exchange for responses. You could provide an infographic, manual or whitepaper that would be of value to the respondents you are trying to get to participate.

Discounts on Products or Services

If giving away samples of your product or service isn’t something that’s available to you. You might try offering a discount on them instead. For example, if you own a vacuum brand and are looking for feedback on customer experience, you might offer a 10% or 15% percent off discount code on a certain model in order to get further participation.

Discounts are also a great way to help increase sales. Everyone loves a good deal!


Not everyone has the means to make donations of their own. Depending on who your desired respondents are, it might help them to feel good to make a charitable donation through a survey response.

Think about what types of charities your audience would be most interested in and let them know the influence their participation could have. Even just a few dollars per participant response can go a long way!

Donations are also a great way to show your brand truly cares about the world around it. Definitely a bonus!

Want to Boost Response Rates? Keep Your Surveys Simple

Using survey incentives can make a big difference in your response rates. However, it’s important to keep your surveys simple and easy to use in the first place.

Swift Polling makes answering surveys easy for participants. They can answer your questions or polls right from their computer, smartphone, or mobile device. What’s even better is you can collect this information quickly and in real-time.

Run surveys online during a meeting or conference, and use the data in your presentation on the fly. Or embed your online polls on your website for easy participant access and collection at any time.

If you feel like Swift Polling’s survey tools could be just what you need to help collect responses, be sure to check them out here!

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