Is your business utilizing social media surveys yet? If not, now’s the time to start. Here’s why.

Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing businesses and helping messages to receive greater reach. With more than half of the world’s population using social media, it’s no wonder it has quickly become a place where businesses need to be, especially going into 2021.

Understanding your audience on social media is an essential part of being able to market to them. The better you understand them, the better chance you will have at creating messages that resonate with them.

Social media surveys are one of the best ways to collect information from your audience and gain an understanding of what’s important to them.

Why Use Social Media Surveys?

The truth is, social media surveys provide MANY advantages to marketers. Here are a few!

Get to Know Your Audience

Perhaps the biggest perk of running social media surveys is getting to know your audience. Your process with getting to know your audience should be ongoing, which means social media surveys should be completed often in order to keep up with changes.

Once you know your audience, it makes it easier to reach them and make important decisions for your business.

Provide What Your Audience Needs

Once you get to know your audience better through social media surveys you can more effectively create solutions to their problems.

If social media survey feedback tells you your business is lacking in a certain area which could be improved to meet customer needs, then it could be time to switch things up!

Surveys allow you to gather raw data right from the customers you are trying to target.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Social media surveys are usually quite user-friendly. Most platforms make them easy to set up and collect data without the need for multiple forms or emails.

Cost-effectiveness is also a major perk most platforms provide. Surveys are most often free to set up and use. There’s no need to juggle phone calls or take on the cost of mailing surveys out.

Better Reach with Large Sample Sizes

Social media is known for its ability to host millions and billions of people all in one place. This means your social media surveys have the potential to reach a large amount of people all across the globe if you want them to!

You can connect with pretty much anyone anywhere as targeting features are commonly available when it comes to social media surveys. Simply select your demographics such as gender or location and get the sample size you’re looking for!

How to Use Social Media Surveys

Depending on what your goal is when it comes to social media, social media surveys can be used in a number of different ways.

Collect Market Research

If you’re feeling like your business could benefit from getting a better understanding of the market it’s in, then social media surveys can be a helpful research tool. You can stay on top of trends within certain industries and seek to close any gaps that might exist.

Get Feedback from Customers

The most common goal with surveys is to collect customer feedback. If your customers are on social media, then why not use it as a method for survey feedback?

Customer satisfaction surveys via social media can be incredibly effective for getting direct insights on business performance and opportunities for improvement.

Get a Grasp on Customer Experience

To go along with customer feedback, we see the need for businesses to understand customer experience. Customer experience will cover everything from the time a customer first discovered your business, to the time they leave or make a purchase.

The more you get a grasp on customer experience, the better you can understand loyalty, perception, and areas for improvement.

Engage with Customers and Potential Customers

Communicating with customers directly can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier thanks to social media. You will likely have a plan in place to post consistently to your channels and keep your followers updated. So why not mix up your content with a social media survey?

Surveys can be a great way for customers to engage and have their voice heard. It could be something as simple as a yes or no question, or even a question that requires a short reply.

Understand Audience Demographics

Audience demographics can be used in tons of different ways to help market your business more meaningfully. Social media surveys are a great way to collect audience demographics and use them to inform your strategy.

At the end of the day, the more you understand your audience, the better you can meet them in their buyer’s journey and get them to choose your business!

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