Presentations. We’ve all given them, sat through them, or even created them at some point. But what makes a presentation great? What makes it go from something we dread doing or are less than excited to sit through, into something that is motivating and stimulating? PowerPoint Integration of course!

Swift’s PowerPoint integration is a powerful feature that helps you to take your presentations from yawn worthy to standing ovation worthy.

But simply stating it isn’t enough! We’re here to run you through exactly what Swift’s PowerPoint integration can do for you and your next presentation.

What is PowerPoint Integration?

First of all, what exactly is PowerPoint integration?

PowerPoint polling integration is a feature Swift provides. It allows you to connect with your audience using real-time polls, Q&A, and quizzes, all from within your PowerPoint presentation.

The set up for the PowerPoint integration feature is simple. You install the Swift Polling add-in from the PowerPoint store, login to your personal account, and then add questions to new slides. There’s no need for any additional software and you only need to embed the plug-in one time.

From there, you show the presentation to your audience (who will love it!). They answer the provided questions by voting through online methods or through their phone. It’s easy to set up and easy for your audience to use.

How Does PowerPoint Integration Make for a Better Presentation?

Anyone can ask questions to their audience, but there are a few reasons why PowerPoint integration is the perfect choice for taking your presentation to the next level.

Audience Members Stay Engaged

This is the biggest benefit you will receive from using Swift’s PowerPoint integration feature and the reason so many choose it!

Audience members often consist of those who are more hesitant to speak up or feel shy when it comes to speaking in front of a group. Polls help you to build trust with these types of audience members. They will feel more inclined to participate in sharing when they do not have to speak directly in order to answer.

Extended periods of talking are also known to put an audience to sleep or leave them feeling distracted, which is why PowerPoint polls are so great for mixing things up during your presentation. You can find some additional tips on creating a more engaging online presentation here.

It’s Impressively Simple

Sometimes new software or new features can be frustrating to use because they are hard to set up and navigate. Swift’s PowerPoint integration makes things as simple as possible for both the presenter and participants. Set up is about as basic as they come and your audience can vote in your live polls with a simple text, or by entering an event ID.

Questions Mean for More Participation

Questions through PowerPoint polling can be made anonymous so your audience doesn’t need to feel pressured. This helps to improve participation and get more information from your audience than you would have otherwise.

You can learn even more about how to get better feedback here.

You Stay in Control

Presenters can control their presentation from start to finish with the mobile version of Swift Polling. It gives you control of the entire interactive experience, including the ability to moderate questions and comments as they come in.

Feedback is Easy to Collect and Share

Since it’s so easy for audience members to provide answers and feedback, polling is the best way to check in with your audience and identify areas that are either unclear or interesting.

This feedback is then simple to share on the spot!

Branded Layouts

One of the best parts about Swift’s PowerPoint integration is the option for branded layouts.

Graphics and visuals can be added to make your presentation one of a kind. You can even customize your own graphic package with a personalized web template to your company’s style.

You can also display your PowerPoint on a screen of any size which makes it super adaptable for everyone. Regardless of if they are in the same room, or participating in the presentation from home.

Scheduling Options

There’s no pressure to click live once you’ve completed your questions. You can schedule when you want them to launch and then allow your audience to post on social.

They can vote directly on Twitter using hashtags you make, and also share information in real-time.

Downloadable Data

Once you have completed your PowerPoint presentation, the information is yours to keep and share. Export your data to CSV or Excel documents for easy access, and reference it for your needs.

Get Started with Swift’s PowerPoint Integration

Now you know how Swift’s PowerPoint integration can help you to create better presentations, so it’s time to get started on using it! It’s easy to set up and even comes with a free trial so you can get insights on all of its incredible features before making your decision.

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