Can you really be sure your customers are happy with what they’re getting from your business if you don’t ask? Customer experience surveys are an essential part of learning from your customers.

What are their needs? What can you do to meet those needs? And are they happy enough to keep using and recommending your products or services?

There are some major benefits of customer experience surveys you should be aware of. And getting started has never been easier with our tried and true list of question examples.

Why are Customer Experience Surveys Important?

Customer experience is a part of a business’s identity. It includes everything a customer does with a business from the moment they walk in the door or click on an ad, to the moment they make a purchase or leave.

Customer experience is important because it has a direct influence on a business’s success. Companies who have great customer experience are those that outperform their competitors as customers choose the businesses that offer a great experience.

This is why many businesses are looking to customer experience surveys to help gain an understanding of where they are in terms of the experience they provide. We’re here to talk about 5 reasons why you should be offering customer experience surveys to use to your advantage!

Get a Feel for Brand Perception

You put copious amounts of work into creating a brand for your business, but do you really know how your brand is perceived by others? Customer experience surveys can help you to understand what customers think about your brand. If your customers are viewing your brand as something like ‘cheap’ then it could be time to hit the refresh button.

Identify What Needs Work

Your business may be thriving in certain areas, which is great for meeting customers who have those needs. But your business could be majorly lacking in another area without you even knowing.

For example, if you provide a great, friendly in-person shopping experience, this would be something to be proud of. But having a slow loading and poorly designed website at the same time may require you to make some upgrades. This will help to provide a better all-around customer experience.

Get a Grasp on Customer Loyalty with Customer Experience Surveys

When customers become loyal to your business, they become advocates for it. They’re the ones that are going to tell their family and friends about it.

Opposite to this, you could have customers who are more passive, or are even critics of your brand. Putting time in to hearing about the needs of this group and making changes is a great way to lessen the damage these customers could cause.

Prove to Your Customers You Care

When you ask for your customers opinion, it automatically helps them to feel you care. You give them a voice and a platform to give their opinion which helps them to see they matter in the eyes of your business.

Sometimes dissatisfied customers will also keep their bad experiences to themselves. Asking for their feedback and getting them to share can help to solve a situation which might have gone unnoticed and unsolved otherwise.

Setting Goals and Meeting Them

Customer experience surveys are a powerful tool for setting new goals and generating new ideas to meet those goals. You can find out about new products or services customers would like to see, which could develop into something entirely new for your business.

Even if a customer suggests something that isn’t achievable short term, it’s something you could consider adding to your list of long-term goals.

Customer Experience Surveys Question Examples

While every business will be different depending on what they are looking to gain from their survey, here are 10 of our favorite customer experience survey questions you can use to get started!

  1. How would you rate the cost vs value of our products/services?
  2. How did you find us?
  3. Did you feel you were treated with respect throughout the transaction?
  4. How satisfied are you with our brand overall?
  5. How would you rate our customer service team?
  6. Do you feel you are valued as a customer?
  7. Would you recommend our products/services to a friend or family member?
  8. Was your experience with our website a positive one?
  9. Was it easy or difficult to find what you were looking for?
  10. Are you proud to be a customer?

If you’re interested in learning about open-ended questions, you can check out this post for everything you need to know!

Sometimes the answers to these questions aren’t going to be what you hope for. It’s important to remember the feedback from customer experience surveys is meant to be constructive. Use this information to help make decisions for your business moving forward.

It will only help you in the long run to make sure you’re meeting customers’ needs and doing everything you can to make the best experience possible!

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