Virtual town halls are relevant to businesses more now than ever. With work from home requirements constantly changing and evolving, many teams have had to shift their work onto the online space. And this includes virtual town halls.

Town hall meetings can be hard to make efficient as it is. There’s often a lot of people to accommodate, and a lot of information to share.

This only becomes more complicated as these meetings are taken virtually. Issues with screen sharing, admitting people into the meeting and many other possible technical problems are each bound to slow it down.

Tips for Running Efficient Virtual Town Halls

Instead of accepting defeat, there are a few ways you can better prepare for your next virtual town hall meeting. Forget letting your team members become tired and distracted. Make the most out of your time with these 6 tips!

Set an Agenda

Without a set agenda, you run the risk of drifting between topics and failing to address the main purpose of the meeting head on. By creating a time-sensitive agenda before you start your virtual town halls, you can be better prepared to make the most out of the given time.

An agenda gives presenters and employees a good indication of how much time they will have to complete their part of the presentation ahead of time. This way they can prepare and also work with you to keep the town hall meeting from going over time.

Audience members will also appreciate having a set agenda so they can know what to expect, and get any uncertainties out of the way before the meeting starts.

Save Questions for the End

Questions are bound to pop up during virtual town halls, and while it’s great for audience members to be engaged, it’s best to save those questions for the end of the meeting. Audience questions can spark other conversations and take the meeting in a direction that was not intended.

Stopping to address questions consistently throughout the meeting is also an inefficient use of time. Let everyone know at the beginning of the meeting that questions will be answered at the end. Or if there’s an available option to ask questions after the meeting by email, be sure to let them know about this as well.

You can learn more about what to do with unanswered questions after your all-hands meeting here.

Assign Someone as Moderator

In order to keep things as seamless and efficient as possible, it’s usually best to assign one person as the moderator of the town hall meeting. One moderator can help to eliminate the chaos that can go along with switching presenters and screen sharing permissions in a virtual setting.

Get each presenter to combine their slides into one single deck and have one person take control over it. This person can also be responsible for admitting members into the call, keeping presenters on track, switching slides and moderating Q&A sessions.

Incorporate Live Polling into Virtual Town Halls

One of the most time-consuming tasks in any meeting is going around the room to collect opinions on certain topics. Swift live polling allows you to find out what your audience thinks in the most efficient way possible!

Audience members can vote from their computer, smartphone or mobile device. Then you can share poll results with them in real-time, saving you the hassle of collecting multiple answers. There’s never been a more efficient way to get feedback, and this data can be used even after your virtual town hall meeting is complete.

Save Time on Feedback Processes

Employee feedback is undoubtedly important, but collecting it during your virtual town hall meeting can be inefficient. Instead, find another way to collect employee feedback. This could be by setting time aside that is just for feedback, or by creating a survey for employees to participate in.

This is not only more efficient, but gives team members more time to reflect and share valuable feedback, rather than trying to get a word in during the town hall meeting.

If you’re looking for some more ways to encourage honest employee feedback, we’ve got four ideas for you here!

Share Materials After Your Virtual Town Halls

It can be incredibly time consuming to review each of the necessary materials during your virtual town hall meeting. Instead, let your team members know they will have access to each of the discussed materials after the meeting.

They will feel a lot more relaxed knowing they will have time to look at everything more closely. You can also use this as an opportunity to share the results of your poll with them!

Are you feeling inspired to take your virtual town halls to the next level? We’re always happy to hear about your thoughts and ideas on how to run meetings most efficiently.

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