Tis’ the season! …For attending a virtual Christmas party?

Working from home is something that has become a quick reality for many of us, and something that has certainly taken some getting used to. As we head further into the holiday season, it’s looking more and more like the classic Christmas party is making a shift to a ‘work from home’ style virtual Christmas party.

We all might have gotten used to the work from home uniform of sweats or pajamas and minimal social interactions, but it doesn’t mean your virtual Christmas party needs to follow suit! There are plenty of ways to make your virtual Christmas party into a remote event your team will remember, and we’ve got 10 of those ways for you here.

Even with the pandemic, we can all do our best to stay positive, safe, and celebrate the holiday season like we deserve!

10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Make it Official with Virtual Christmas Party Invitations

No party is ever really official without a proper invitation. It’s likely your virtual Christmas party will require a link for participants to use in order to join in on the call. You can use this as your opportunity to make it official with a beautifully designed evite.

There are tons of online Christmas card options to browse on the web, including websites such as Canva. Employees will love this little added touch and it will help the virtual Christmas party become that much more special.

Send a Care Box

Your remote team will feel even more special with a care box. They show thought and time has been put into demonstrating your appreciation. You can send the box ahead of time in order for employees to open it during the virtual Christmas party, or  have it delivered for an additional touch.

Your care box could include anything from cookies and cocoa mix to personalized accessories and gift cards.

Virtual Christmas Party Holiday Bingo

One of the best ways to help distant teams feel closer is with an old-fashioned game of Bingo. You can create virtual cards for employees to check off from the comfort of their own home, or send them a template to print off.

Either way, a good game of Bingo is an easy game for everyone to participate in, no matter where they may be!

Host a Game

While Bingo may be the well-known classic, there are tons of team building games you can play with your team virtually. Find games that help your remote team to collaborate, and ease the pain of the dreaded virtual small talk.

This not only helps employees to feel involved in a relaxed way, it also helps them to build their skills in remote communication and critical analysis.

Complete a Cookie Decorating Contest at Your Virtual Christmas Party

Another fun way to keep remote teams active and engaged during your virtual Christmas party is with a cookie decorating contest. You can either let employees know the contest will take place and to come prepared with the proper materials, or send them a nice gift package with everything they will need.

Best cookie wins!

Have Some Fun with Desk Decorating

If cookie decorating feels like a bit too much of a hassle, then another fun contest is desk decorating. Employees can each show off their workplace away from work. Then a winner can be chosen by the leader of the group. This is a useful way to combine everyone’s work from home situation with a little bit of fun. And at the same time, get your remote team in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Charades

There’s nothing quite as hilarious as someone trying to act out a Christmas movie or song – especially virtually!

Holiday charades is an awesome way to get the entire team up and moving, and definitely a great way to get them laughing. Individuals will act out the title of a Christmas song or movie and their teammates can guess exactly what it is they’re trying to show them.

All before the time runs out!

Eat Up

A Christmas party is truly never complete without indulging in a holiday dish or two. Get each member of your remote team to cook up their favorite Christmas meal and then share what they created with the team.

If possible, you can organize a way for employees to exchange their creations remotely. Food always has a way of making us feel close!

Try a Virtual Secret Santa Gift Exchange

A secret Santa gift exchange is one of the most beloved activities during in-person Christmas parties, so it’s certainly a traditional way to bring some excitement to a virtual Christmas party.

Give each person their randomly drawn person for secret Santa ahead of time and get them to guess who each person has at the time of the party. If you aren’t able to exchange gifts by dropping them off or sending them in the mail, then there are plenty of virtual gifts you can choose from.

Have a Dance Party

When all else fails, dance it out!

Although it may take a little encouragement, everyone loves to dance and it’s definitely a way for everyone to feel good. Toss on your favorite holiday tunes and get your remote team to join you with their best moves.

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