Taking your teams on to online platforms and working remotely is more popular now than ever. Team members are set up for success in the comfort of their own homes and working spaces. They have the tools they need to get their work done. There’s just one problem – team morale is dropping as distance makes it more difficult to connect and engage with one another.

Could your team morale use a boost?

Rather than leaving employees and team members feeling unengaged, Swift is the perfect tool to helping your teams re-engage and reconnect with one another. Here is how you can use it to get the team morale boost you’re looking for!

Ask Questions and Collect Comments

There is plenty of knowledge and information to go around within remote work teams, which means there should be an opportunity for employees to share!

Swift offers the ability for team members to use the app or text in their questions or comments as a way to interact. This way, you can carry out your remote presentations without interruption, while also considering everyone’s thoughts and opinions. 

You can find out more about things from their point of view as they are able to ask questions, vote on answers to questions, and submit anonymous questions. Questions and comments will then be moderated as you present to the team. They can also be shared live as they come in!

Excite Your Team with Real-time Web Polling

Real-time web polling is a great way to re-engage your employees and boost team morale. Swift allows you to share poll results with your audience in real-time, right through the easy to use dashboard or within PowerPoint.

Employees are sure to get a kick out of being able to answer your questions and see the results immediately. This can be a handy way to break up lengthy video meetings and presentations and liven the room. No bored or unengaged employees here!

Boost Remote Team Morale with SMS Polling

One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is to make interactions easy for them. The more easily they can access the tools available to them, the more likely they are to use them.

SMS polling and text messaging polls through Swift are excellent for collecting information from a large remote audience, regardless of if they have a smartphone or not. Employees can send a message to the phone number provided in order to submit their answers live.

This is also a great way to find out what your team really thinks and create a real-time dialogue. Remote interaction has never been easier.

Real-Time Results Mean Real-Time Excitement

There’s nothing worse than submitting an answer to a question, only to have to wait lengthy periods of time to get a response or see the results.

Swift provides real-time results so that the excitement around them is never lost. Team members will love the fast pace that real-time results provide and are sure to be kept on their toes at all times.

Real-time results are also a nice way to check-in and get a gauge for how your audience is feeling. Ask employees questions about how they’re feeling whether it’s happy, stressed, or bored, and use your real-time results to switch gears if necessary. If general results are signaling negativity, then it’s definitely time to boost the team morale!

Take a Load off with Games and Quizzes

Working remotely can make for a lot of serious conversations and meetings, and not necessarily a lot of workplace entertainment. Swift’s games and quizzing options are perfect for times when your team needs to kick back and have a bit of fun.

Swift offers all kinds of options for games and quizzing, including popular trivia favorites. Customize trivia questions to your team members for that added boost of team morale!

Spice Things Up with a Live Video

Team morale is sure to be at an ultimate high with the integration of live video into your presentations or virtual events with Swift. From event video streaming to engagement, every aspect of the audience experience is considered.

Live video is perfect for reaching your team in a new way and putting thought behind your messaging. You might use a live video to thank certain employees for their hard work. Or you can motivate your team about an exciting project to come.

Start Improving Remote Team Morale with Swift

The secret’s out! Swift Polling is one of the best ways to boost team morale within your remote work teams and bring back the excitement of working together in-person.

Contact us to get set up with Swift and start delivering the work experience that your employees are craving!

Still have questions? Get in touch with Swift today or visit our handy FAQ page!

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