A PowerPoint presentation is more than likely your go -to platform for organizing your presentation information into beautiful slides. But sometimes it seems no matter how much effort you put into it, you’re left with an audience filled with blank, glazed over expressions.

The truth is, this audience reaction can happen to anyone, no matter if you’re presenting in person, or over a Zoom call. For that reason, it might just be time to spruce up your PowerPoint presentation and make it interactive!

Interactive presentations are known to get your audience involved and engage them in the presentation, which can go a long way in getting your message through to them.

We’ve compiled this list of 10 tips to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive and help you get the engagement you’ve been looking for!

Start with a Warm Welcome

While you might feel eager to jump right in, a warm welcome can go a long way. 

Thank your participants for joining you and give a brief run through on what you will be discussing. An agenda can help participants to stay focused and know what they can expect from your presentation.

Set up the Stage for Welcome Interactions

It’s often up to the presenter to set an example for the kind of interactions that will take place.

Participants won’t necessarily be jumping up to interact with you, so YOU need to set up the stage to let them know it’s available to them. Tell them how they can interact with you throughout the presentation, whether it’s through specific tools and chat boxes or a Q&A session.

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Involve Your Audience from the Get Go

There’s certainly something to be said for setting off on the right foot and making your presentation interactive from the very start.

Rather than making interaction happen part way through the presentation, consider getting started with it right at the beginning. You might open a question or conversation starter to make this easier. 

This lays out the expectations for interaction and how it will look as you move through the presentation.

Continuously Re-Engage Throughout Your PowerPoint Presentation

Every five to seven minutes, you should take a moment to re-engage. This helps keep people on their toes and pull them back into the presentation when they might start to get distracted.

Use Polls and Quizzes to Start Discussion

Some participants can be shy when it comes to sharing their opinions with a group. Live polls are a great way for all participants to share their input while also staying engaged. 

You can comment on the results of the poll and ask for further explanation on certain answers. This is a great way to get the discussion going and make sure your participants feel involved.

You can learn more about how to host a virtual quiz here.

Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Simple

Slides filled with an abundant amount of copy and little visuals are a surefire way to lose your audience’s interest. 

Keep things simple with one idea per slide and be sure to use compelling images to match your messaging.

A single sentence with a clear verbal explanation can go a lot further when it comes to getting your point across.

Get Creative with Backgrounds

Looking to keep all eyes on you? Virtual backgrounds might be just what you need!

Add a virtual background to match the ideas behind your messaging. This is a great way to help convey your message. Virtual backgrounds can also be helpful for hiding your actual background which could be messy or distracting for participants.

Get a Guest Speaker

Getting someone to present with you is a great way to switch things up. Maybe there’s an expert on the topic you’re discussing who can help add to your points or offer a new perspective. Guest speakers can be a huge draw for participants, too!

Start Your PowerPoint Presentation with a Q&A Session

Leaving time to answer questions is an essential part of any great PowerPoint presentation. This gives your audience a chance to dive deeper into topics which can help them to learn even more.

Be sure to let your participants know at the start of the presentation when there will be time for question and answer.

Provide a Feedback Survey

Even once your PowerPoint presentation is complete, you’ll want to keep the interaction going! Asking for feedback through a survey at the end of the presentation is a great way to learn about what you did great, and what could be improved upon.

Your audience will also feel valued when you make a point to hear their opinion.

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Get Interactive with Swift

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive, Swift Polling offers a platform that’s easy to integrate right into PowerPoint.

You can connect with your audience using real-time polls, Q&A’s, and quizzes right in your PowerPoint slides. Click here to start a live chat and learn more about Swift’s incredible presentation features.

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