There’s a lot of noise out there in the marketing world. Not to mention, a lot of opportunity for our audience’s attention to get pulled in different directions. If you’re one of the marketing world’s B2B marketers, it’s your job to break through that noise and get your target audience’s eyes and ears on you.

But how exactly are you supposed to do it?

Even with an overwhelming amount of competition there are ways to break through the noise. You just need to be a little more strategic in your approach! The key is in providing your audience with the proper opportunities for interaction.

What is ‘Better’ Engagement for B2B Marketers?

What exactly does ‘better’ engagement mean? All engagement should be considered good engagement shouldn’t it? Not necessarily.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good quantity of engagement. But what really matters is the quality of that engagement.

Those who interact with your brand are considered quality engagements…that is, IF they are done by those who bring value to your business.

This could include:

Tips for B2B Marketers

Providing opportunities for your target audience to interact with you is made easy with these tips!

Note: Always remember to be an active participant in the conversations you create, whether they are online or in person.

Interactive Content is Key

By now, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content is king’.

You can take your content to the next level by turning it into an interactive experience for your audience. This not only creates better engagements, but it also educates buyers.

When done right, interactive content can generate higher engagement rates. It also allows you to capture more data and increases brand loyalty.

Interactive content could be anything from videos, infographics, and calculators, to asking questions or providing a poll. Each of these techniques allows your audience to think about and provide their own response.

They’re encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions, which makes for a better interactive experience all around. Many audiences are willing to interact, they just need to be provided with the opportunity to do so!

Hosting Webinars as B2B Marketers

Webinars are another effective way to generate great interaction with your audience.

They keep your audience’s attention as they include a set time to focus on the topics of discussion. Gaining this undivided attention is a key aspect to creating better engagement – especially in such a distracting world.

You can give your webinar audience the opportunity to talk and interact with hosts. You might provide a session or offer a poll or survey to give them the chance to voice their own opinions.

Doing so can help you as a marketer to better understand your audience. You can also learn how to engage with them throughout the buyer’s journey.

The more you get to know your audience as a marketer, the better you can personalize and cater your approach to them – putting you ahead of competitors.

Using Engagement Tools

One of the best features for B2B marketers hosting webinars is engagement tools. Many webinar platforms will have built-in engagement tools which you should definitely be using to your advantage!

When setting up your webinar, look for widgets such as social media, Q&A tools, quizzes or polls and surveys. These widgets can help you to capture the actions of participants as they happen. This is data that you can use to inform your prospects interest.

Not only that, your participants are much more likely to stay interested in your webinar when they have something to keep them focused or entertained.

Increasing Audience Interactivity

Once you’ve put thought into how you will make use of the tools available for creating engaging webinars, you should start to think about interactivity throughout the process.

This means taking into consideration how you’ll start creating engagement before the webinar. It also means keeping it going once it is over.

B2B marketers might promote a webinar by asking questions about what participants want to see or building excitement about what you plan on talking about.

Next? You can follow up your webinar by asking for feedback through questionnaires, polls or surveys. Think about what opportunities lie outside of the main event and use them to your advantage.

Get a Leg up on Competitors with Interaction

The ways to market to your B2B audience are ever changing and progressing. This means getting on top of new ways to create engagement can be incredibly beneficial to your business.

Remember to always stay flexible and adaptable, and move forward with marketing tactics that make the most sense for your strategy. You will be creating new conversations, and driving the results you always hoped for in no time!

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