Have you ever found yourself responsible for handing out a multiple-choice quiz? Then you know the moans and groans that can go along with it. It’s common for these types of quizzes to include dry questions with a less than exciting interactive experience.

While it might seem easy to hand out your typical multiple-choice quiz without any thought, there are ways to make them a lot more engaging. This can help respondents to get excited about answering questions and even prove for a better learning experience.

Tips for Creating Multiple Choice Quizzes

These six tips are sure to help you take your quizzes to the next level and avoid those dreaded moans and groans!

Make use of open-ended questions

While multiple-choice questions prove to be an effective way to test individuals, the questions they offer aren’t always detailed. It’s common for information to be missing as a requirement for a response.

Open-ended questions help to solve this problem, especially when they are used to follow a typical multiple-choice question. This can help you to gather more in-depth information and data from respondents. Collected information and data can then be used to develop new discussions.  

For example, following your multiple-choice question you might ask “what was your reasoning for that answer?”

This will prompt respondents to share more about their thoughts behind the selection process. It will also allow for a much more effective learning experience.

Make sure your question is clear 

If you’re looking for accurate answers to your questions then you need to make sure that your questions are as clear as possible. 

A well-formulated question helps respondents to easily understand what you are asking of them. It allows them to come up with the best possible answer based on their clear understanding. 

Keep your questions as short and precise as possible. Also be sure to use simple language in order to avoid confusing your respondents. 

Longer and more complicated questions pose a greater risk of respondents becoming lost or discouraged from answering.

Use imagery for an even better experience 

Many people are visual learners which means that the use of imagery can make a big difference in a respondent’s experience. You might consider using image choice questions where respondents must choose their answer based on a series of images.

The use of imagery is a great way to break up your multiple-choice quiz and make it a lot more interesting. Your audience can visualize their answers and give a better answer based on this experience.

By the way, we have a quick video on how to share the results from multiple-choice polls in this video. Don’t miss it!

Use the ‘other’ option 

It’s possible that you won’t be able to cover all of the conceivable options with a single multiple-choice question. In this case it can be great to include an ‘other’ option. This can be used for those who are not seeing a choice that suits their particular answer.

The ‘other’ option allows you to make sure that you can still collect data that is accurate. It also gives respondents ease of mind in knowing that they are not totally incorrect if they don’t come up with the exact answer based on the options you have provided.

Multi-selection options

If the other option isn’t available for your question choice you might consider a multi-select question. This allows respondents to select one or several answers from the list. 

Multi-selection options are great for times when you don’t want to limit possible answers from respondents. It’s also great for questions that require more than one answer.

Transform your multiple-choice quizzes with technology 

Taking your multiple-choice quizzes onto the online space is a sure way to increase excitement and engagement around them. Swift Polling offers fun interactive quizzes that turn learning into an interactive and exciting experience.

You can add imagery, create engaging questions, incorporate a time limit, use question evaluation, or include a ‘winners’ feature. 

Interactive quizzes are a great way to test knowledge on a particular topic while also working to spark conversation and energize your audience.

Respondents can use their smartphone to easily respond to quiz questions. Their responses are provided to you in real time and can help you to get a quick assessment of participant knowledge on a subject.  

You can learn how to increase student engagement with Swift Polling here.

Take Your Multiple-Choice Quizzes to the Next Level

The right technology can make all the difference in the outcome of your multiple-choice quiz. This is what makes Swift Polling such a great choice for bringing your quizzes to the next level. 

Not only will respondents have a better experience while taking your quiz, they will be able to better focus on the task at hand.

Ready to take your multiple-choice quizzes to the next level? Click here to start a live chat and learn more!

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