We’re all looking for new, exciting ways to connect with our family and friends when we can’t be together in person. Sometimes, it takes getting a little creative and inventive. But with a virtual quiz, you can quickly and easily connect with your loved ones in a whole new way!

Why host a virtual quiz?

Many of us haven’t seen our families or friends face-to-face in months. We rely on video calls, phone calls, and text messaging to communicate. These are all great tools, but they’re no replacement for fun family game nights or sharing a hug with someone you love.

While there’s no substitute for an in-person hug (yet!), there are ways to interact virtually with your family and friends that keep things exciting and fun.

A virtual quiz offers you a way to engage and interact with your family that keeps your spirits high and feeling like you’re having an in-person game night. 

Not only do virtual quizzes have plenty of social and emotional well-being benefits, but they’re incredibly easy to use, and people of all ages can host or participate.

How to host a virtual quiz

When we say Swift Polling makes it easy to host or participate in a virtual quiz, we mean it! It’s so simple, in fact, that your participants can register with just one click!

Your family and friends can register immediately with their Facebook/Google accounts.

This simplifies your registration and allows them to quickly get in the game, eliminating the frustration of navigating an extensive signup process. Your participants don’t have to register for an account, but they can if they’d like to keep track of scores and prizes.

Creating a virtual quiz with Swift Polling

Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll log into your Swift Polling account. Next, you’ll click on “Create Poll.” You’ll see different options for the types of surveys or polls you want to create, including open-ended or multiple choice.

For a virtual quiz, select multiple choice. Next, you’ll type in your first questions. Below that, you’ll enter text or images for the answer options your audience can choose from. You can continue creating new quizzes and saving them to use throughout the event.

When you click on advanced options, you can choose if you want results to be displayed in real-time with your audience, if the correct answer will be displayed once they vote, how many votes are allowed per device, and several other options.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate options for your quiz, it’s time to share it with your family and friends!

When you click launch, you’ll be taken to a screen that gives you the option to select present. If you click on present, a screen will pop up for your audience that shares an event code for them to enter on https://swift.excitem.com to participate in your quiz. You can also click web voting to bring up an online voting widget, or even choose PowerPoint add-in.

As your family or friends enter their responses to your quiz question, the results could be displayed with them in real-time if you’ve enabled that option. Sharing the leaderboard with your audience is a great way to promote friendly competition!

Types of quizzes

There are so many different and fun quiz types to choose from!

For a family game night, you could create questions about past family trips, for example.

Here are some family trip trivia examples:

General, pub-style trivia is also a great idea for virtual quiz nights with family and friends! Whether it’s general knowledge (i.e., who was the first president of the United States?) or it’s a themed quiz, there are so many fun options to choose from!

If you and your friends are trivia buffs, there are lots of great trivia question resources online to save you time on creating questions.

It’s time for your own quiz!

So, what do you say? Ready to host a virtual quiz night for your family and friends?

We’re here to help! Swift Polling has virtual quiz and gamification software that makes the entire process fast and straightforward. You can even choose to customize your quizzes with your favorite images, colors, and branding!

Click here to learn more about our gamification and quiz tools and how they can work for you!

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