Survey questions are a powerful tool for delivering a great event experience. Not only that, they can help you to save some of the time and money that is known to skyrocket when it comes to planning events.

The amount of time that goes into planning a corporate event will, of course, vary depending on the size and logistics of the event. But on average, corporate meetings can generate about rdaddphp,294 of spending per participant.

That’s a lot of cash and a big investment, just for a single event!

Incorporating survey questions into your event whether it is in-person or remote, before, during, and after can help to make better use of this invested time and money for events in the future.

We’re here to talk about events and survey questions. We’ll discover how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of every survey you send out.

Using Survey Questions Before an Event

Sending out survey questions before your event provides attendees with the opportunity to get to know you a bit better. They also allow you to get a good idea of how you might be able to make your event better – before it even starts!

The better you can understand your audience, the better you can attract them to your future events. You will gain valuable insights on what ideas your attendees are interested in, and which ones they could do without. Survey questions can also help to bring on new ideas you might not have thought of before.

Best Practices for Pre-Event Survey Questions

Make the most out of your pre-event survey questions by choosing the right question types. For example, if you are sending out survey questions to respondents who have not yet committed to attending your event, you will want to phrase questions in a way that encourages them to want to come.

You may also ask about feelings towards the cost of the event, the speakers at the event, or the location of the event. These types of questions provide valuable information that can help you to make adjustments for a better event experience.

Learn more about get-to-know you questions here.

Using Survey Questions During an Event

Get attendees to answer survey questions in the middle of your event to get a better understanding of it in real time. You could very well be under the impression that things are running smoothly and that attendees are happy, when this might not be the case.

Even if sales are being made, or people are interacting, there could be other things going on that are unknown to you. Sending out survey questions during the event helps you to better gauge how attendees are feeling and gain feedback from them.

Survey Questions to ask Mid-Event

You might use a survey analytics dashboard to get a clear overview of the response to your event. This is helpful for understanding your attendees and making adjustments on the fly. It’s also convenient for respondents to receive all of the information they need in one place.

During the event, you might ask questions about the check in process, the layout of the event, or get active notes on the speakers at the event. Sometimes these questions can be useful for making adjustments during the event, and other times they are great for knowing what to change at your next one.

Regardless, asking questions during your event is more likely to get a response as attendees are actively engaged and in the moment.

Using Survey Questions After an Event

Post-event survey questions allow attendees to give their input after the event has happened. This type of approach can be useful for setting you up for future success.

Respondents will be able to let you know what they thought was a hit, and what might have been a miss. Constructive feedback is one of the major benefits of a post-event survey.

These surveys also offer an opportunity for you to remind attendees about purchases, donations, networking and future events. You can also use them as a chance to follow up on any unsatisfied attendees and work to make their experience better in the future.

Post-Event Survey Questions

After your event, you might ask questions such as, did you have enough time at the event? Too little time to accomplish what you were there for?

Did you enjoy our speakers? Who would you like to see at our next event?

You can also use this as a chance to inquire about the quality of the event itself. Attendees can let you know what features could be added or if they would be interested in attending another one of your events.

Take Your Survey Questions to the Next Level

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