It might be a virtual presentation, an in-person meeting, or a classroom presentation for students. But no matter what it is you’re using Swift Polling for, you’re going to want to get the most out of it to maximize its potential and be properly prepared. 

All Swift products from live polls and web polls to games and quizzes are easy to use. You will be excited to use these tips to get to know them better and make the most of them!

Get in the know with Swift polls and quizzes 

Swift Polling quizzes and polls provide a great way to engage your audience members and get them to interact. The more your audience interacts with your presentation, the more likely they are to absorb the information and walk away with a memorable experience. 

With Swift Live Polling, you can quickly and easily organize voting, polling, and quizzing to gather feedback and opinions. You can find out what your audience thinks in real-time by allowing them to vote from their computer, smartphones or mobile device. 

Swift Polling will provide a vote by text number with a code to answer questions with ease. Pick a poll type that works best for your presentation and even create them on the fly! 

Personalize event codes

Whether it is an annual general meeting, remote meeting, or virtual event, every event can be personalized for maximum participation. An event code is created for each individual event. This number is unique so only your attendees can use it to join Swift during your event or meeting. Your audience can vote in your live polls by texting a phone number or by entering an event ID.

During the registration process, you can select a dedicated phone number with a local area code for your event. You can also customize virtual events with your branding and graphics to make them more your own!

Use your introduction for maximum impact

Your audience will understand how to use and interact with Swift Polling when introduced well by you! Use a proper introduction for maximum impact and for getting the most out of Swift features. 

Before getting started, tell participants you’ll be using Swift Polling throughout your presentation. Share the simple tips for joining in with them to make it as easy as possible to participate. It’s easy to vote by either texting your vote to the number provided with SMS polls in your embedded presentation or by going to and entering the given code with our online polls

It’s always a good idea to complete a practice poll or quiz in order to get users familiar with the process and how to use it.

Incorporate Swift Polling into your presentation

Connect with your audience now more easily than ever with the ability to embed your poll anywhere. Swift will generate an embed code that you place within your website or any content management system.

Swift also offers seamless PowerPoint integration so you can embed live polls, Q&A’s, quizzes and games right into your slides with our PowerPoint embed tool. The mobile version of Swift Polling also gives you control of the entire interactive experience, including the ability to moderate questions and comments as they come in.

You will love getting real-time feedback as our straightforward polls and surveys are a fast and easy way to check in with your audience and look for areas that are unclear or are sparking interest from them.

Get Creative with Poll Questions and Types

Online polls are the perfect way to understand and engage your audience as you can collect their opinions and responses for research. Get creative with your poll questions for best results!

You might ask about current roles, presentation learning expectations, or have some fun with it and ask about previous experiences. Pick a poll type that works best for you, including multiple-choice, open-ended, or word-cloud.

Participation is also improved with anonymous questions. Anonymity features encourage audience members to participate. Especially if they’re timid about public speaking or don’t feel empowered to speak out. When audience members have the option to ask, answer, or vote anonymously, you’ll notice participation rates rise.

Manage your audiences Q&A sessions

With Swift Polling, you can host live Q&A sessions with your audience, helping them to interact with your presentation and engage them in real time. You can make your Q&A sessions more effective by giving your audience the power to decide which questions they would prefer to have answered. 

You can even quickly filter through repetitive and offensive questions before they go live with built in moderation tools in real-time. Share the more popular questions with your audience and use them as a means for topics to focus on.

Get Started with Swift Polling

Now that you’re an expert on Swift, it’s time to get started! Contact us to get set up with Swift and run your unforgettable meeting or event. 

Still have questions? Get in touch with Swift today or visit our FAQ page!

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