Have you heard of the concept of gamification before? It works by adding game mechanics into non-game situations such as online learning.

And yes–it’s as fun as it sounds!

The goal of gamification is to further engage students by giving them hands-on alternatives to learning. It provides directives and feedback through game mechanics and game dynamics in order to help users reach learning goals and objectives.

One of the best things about gamification is that users receive immediate feedback on their performance within the ‘game’ followed by next steps towards new achievements.

The Benefits of Gamification for Online Learning

Motivation to Learn Through Gamification

Gamification is a great tool for online learning as it has the ability to motivate students, whether it’s for elementary school children, university students, or even corporate learning.

How, you ask?

Ultimately, when you combine gameplay and competitiveness, you increase learner engagement.

As with any game or sport, competitiveness is the driving factor and the idea of winning is what encourages interaction with the game.

This interaction just so happens to also become motivating in the learning area as it acts like a hidden element in the process.

Why Use Gamification for Online Learning?

There’s no question gamification makes learning a lot more motivating for learners. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Apply new skills to practical scenarios

Many students will learn best by being hands-on, and gamification allows them to do just that! Games and quizzes allow students to see real-world applications of the learning topic at hand.

They are able to see how a real-world scenario plays out through a game and then use that learned knowledge in the future – whether or not that outcome is positive or negative. Students will learn from mistakes and successes with ease.

Get excited about learning

Can you imagine students being excited to ‘step in’ to your online classroom and actually be excited about it? Gamification becomes an addicting way to learn as students get a natural high from retaining knowledge through the direct application of their skills.

Students will feel good when they win and then feel good about learning, which makes your classroom a place to get excited about.

Make learning fun again

There’s not much fun in sitting through an entire learning experience while attempting to keep your attention on the speaker. No matter who your audience is, gamification can take away from those dull lectures and make them fun!

You can create exciting content that is also educational with gamification which means that your audience will want to interact and get involved in the fun.

Get feedback in real-time

With attention spans being so short these days, losing your audience is something that now happens faster than ever. Luckily gamification options, such as those offered by Swift Polling, offer real-time feedback, which means no wait and no attention lost.

Real-time feedback also allows for students to understand the outcome of their actions almost immediately. This means they’re able to learn faster and see what areas they can improve in.

Enhance the overall learning experience with gamification

Learning becomes better overall with the use of gamification.

Learning is made fun which is why students become more engaged and more efficient in learning, whether it’s online or in person. The added competitive element also increases the motivation to participate.

It’s also possible to have students work in groups with gamification, which can help them to learn to work in a team. Learning is improved even further as ideas are shared and thought processes are completed as a group.

There are a number of different ways to include gamification in your teaching and learning process.

How to Use Gamification and Quizzes for Online Learning

Swift Polling brings you a number of great options for challenging your audience’s knowledge with a fun quiz or an HQ-style, or points-based trivia game!

Here are some of our great gamification features that can help to make learning more fun.


There’s nothing like good old-fashioned trivia! And now it’s possible to get it in digital form for online learning. You can choose from all kinds of different trivia games for students and customize them to specific topics.

Multi-round games

By linking student scoring in a multi-round trivia game, students become motivated to have their name on display as a daily winner.

Custom graphics and branding

While students may get lost in the fun that online learning games and trivia provide, you can use custom graphics and branding to keep the idea of a learning environment close by.


Games and quizzes become even more motivating for students when prizes are involved. Reward those who play with either highest scoring prizes or a random selection in participants.

To make it even more fun and competitive, you can display results in real-time on the leaderboard!

Include Gamification and Quizzes in Your Online Learning Processes

Now that you’ve got the facts, it’s time to get started with incorporating gamification into your online learning processes.

From features like 1-click registration, custom form registration, real-time results leaderboard, and custom graphics and branding, Swift’s gamification and quizzes features have everything you need to get the most from gamification for online learning!

Take a look at our Swift Polling gamification and quizzes options here, or contact us to learn more about how you can use them for a better learning experience!

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