Welcome To The New Swift!

At Swift, our goal has always been to provide you with the tools and resources to effectively engage, interact and excite your audience.

To better serve the needs of our diverse customers, we have released a massive upgrade to the Swift platform.

– Redoing our entire user dashboard

– Optimizing our user experience

– Delivering a ton of new features

– An all-in-one remote events solution (registration, video, audience engagement, etc.)

To make your job as a presenter, marketer or event co-ordinator that much easier. Take a look at what we’ve just released!

Audience Q&A ?

Collect questions and feedback as you engage with your audience.

Moderation ?

Approve feedback and questions before they go live in your presentation or on your screen.

Social Upvote ✅

Give the audience the ability to choose which question you should answer.

Profanity Filter ?

We take care of filtering out all the troublemakers in the audience.

Anonymous Feedback or Open Participation ❓

Your audience can remain anonymous or not. Set up your event exactly how you’d like it to run.

Custom Designs & Backgrounds ?️

Level-up your web polling with a custom branded template, graphic or design.

Remote Event Streaming & Facilitation ?

If you’re running remote events, we’ve got you covered. User registration, UHD video streaming and audience participation — we do it all.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your presentation, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to understand how some of these new features work, don’t hesitate to reply back to this email and we’ll get someone to contact you in under 24 hours or less.

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Swift Polling

Create trivia, quizzes, polls through our simple user dashboard, allowing you to create engagement on the fly. Present with a single click. Collect responses on any second screen or through social media (facebook & twitter), web, calling in, text. Wherever you choose to launch your poll (one sport, or all of them), you’ll see all the data and answers come in real-time.

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Swift Events

With Swift events, we enable you to take your events remote, giving you the full power of audience engagement and presentation tools that you would have in front of a room of people, virtually.

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Custom Solutions

Customize the look and feel of your entire experience from A-Z. Swift for Enterprise is effective, efficient and used by some of the largest brands and media companies on live TV (NBC, FOX,…) or major live events (Emmys, Golden Globe,…).

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