Get ready to kick off a roadshow event that will be remembered for quite a long time!

What is the purpose of a roadshow event?

To tell in short, it is to take your company’s message on the road. Various companies organize a roadshow event for various reasons: it is an amazing way when you want to establish a follower base for a new product launch, gather customer feedback or simply generate leads in a new way.
roadshow event
These are half-day events done in sequence in different cities around the world. They have an interactive format and are really an effective way to reach those you may not have been able to otherwise.

Now, what you can do to ensure the success of your next roadshow event? Here are 6 effective tips for you to apply.

1. Set Clear Goals

Set clearly defined goals for your roadshow event. They should, for sure, align with your business strategy. Otherwise, the roadshow will be a real waste of time and money.

When the goals are clear it is easier to create a solution tailored to your desired outcome and deliver your message effectively.

What is important is to make sure that your goals are SMART. The acronym stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely
    It will help you to give a definitive structure to the planning process.

    2. Pick the Location and Time

    The “when” and “where” factors can have a great influence on whether your target audience will participate in your roadshow event or not. So plan the time and venue carefully.

    While choosing where to conduct the event, pick places that are easy to access and have a high concentration of your target audience.

    You can use the previous data to better understand where your target audience is based at.

    Also check the climate conditions of the region to identify whether to conduct the event outdoors or not.

    As for the time, consider working hours, lunch hours, the distance they will cross to get to your venue and how much time that would take them.

    Consider local holidays too: If you are planning to run the event during busy times, there may be availability issues regarding venues, services and so on.

    3. Create Valuable Content

    One of the key factors of any successful roadshow event is valuable content. Your audience takes time to attend your event. So to not disappoint them, your message should provide an added value. Try to deliver a really creative, engaging and unified flow of content.

    Try to keep a balance between promotional content and corresponds to users’ needs. You will succeed if you know your target audience and their needs/expectations well.

    Don’t be afraid of going in with the short-run hard sale as in the long run, you will obtain a really good reputation, hence new customers and more sales.

    4. Promote the Roadshow Event

    Promotion is another important part of successful roadshow events. You initiate a marketing campaign in regions and cities where you are going to conduct your roadshow event. Try to involve:

  • Local press
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers.
    Embrace email campaigns and social media channels too. There are very effective ways to word out your roadshow event.

    No event promotion would be complete without the mention of social media and roadshow events are not an exception.

    Email marketing is not less important. If you already have a list of attendees from a previous event, email is the perfect way to update them on your upcoming one. If not, start building one right away.

    To engage attendees online you can also create an inclusive branded hashtag.

    Do all of these campaigns, way in advance. Give your leads time to plan for attending your event.

    5. Create and Engage

    Gone the age of event roadshow where speakers have a pitch and presenters just read from slides. Today’s audience is much smarter and is not easy to keep their attention by just presenting the product/service in a one-way conversation.

    So, one of the important challenges for roadshow organizers is to provide a unique and interactive experience for customers. The creative and engaging message is the cornerstone of every successful event, including a roadshow event.

    One of the effective methods to insert interactivity in your event and enable your customers to participate in the process is to conduct polls with the help of a SMS text polling app. What you can:

  • Start breaking the ice by asking what they know about your company.
  • Present the product or service and ask for feedback: go for rank order and yes and no questions.
  • Collect open-ended feedback or questions through SMS.
    Doing so will give you a database of phone numbers that will later be used for the follow-up or promotion of further events.

    6. Follow up

    Use whatever contacts of your attendees you have to touch-base with them after the event.

    Don’t let them forget you! Thank them for joining your event, ask for some insight, feedback, questions, desire to learn more or receive promo code on their first or next purchase. You did the hard part, your attracted them, now you gotta keep and grow them. Do it wisely and without any hesitation. Work for the quick ROI of your event.

    If you never heard of roadshow events before, today is the day you learn and leverage this tactic to collect more traction and increase brand awareness.

    Don’t confuse this event with bumper car shows, I know it’s easy to do so.

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