Many teachers and professors want to increase student engagement and make classes more interactive. But sometimes that can be an issue especially now in the smartphone era. However, instructors can use the phone and other types of technology to their advantage. Here we are going to discuss how to increase student engagement with Swift Polling.

Hit “Refresh” to Increase Student Engagement

Most of us have a problem with concentration. The recent studies have shown that the attention span has shortened and is now approximately 20 minutes. After that time, our brain cannot focus on a certain thing and is looking for something to switch our attention. If we put it simply, after 20 minutes we are getting bored. It is the main reason for the low level of engagement among students. Usually, when students are bored they are reaching out to their smartphones and check social media.

Nevertheless, Swift Polling can come in handy to solve this problem. The easiest way to refresh students’minds is to do some activity. The teacher can conduct a fun quiz with Swift Polling that students can take with their phones. Swift Polling has both web and text-based voting options so that students with any kind of phone can participate. You also have an opportunity to set the correct option and show it to the voters or not. These small quizzes will not just increase the engagement of students but also provide the teacher with insight on students’ performance.

In-class discussions are a very important element of the leaning process. Discussions help develop students’ communication skills and critical thinking. For the class discussions, students’ engagement is a requirement. However, it is hard to make those as interactive as the teacher wants. Some students are not feeling comfortable to express their opinion and prefer to remain silent. This may be a result of shyness or pressure for the peers. Also, as introverted students do not like to be in the center of everyone’s attention they are not very active during the class discussions.


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Again, the teacher can use Swift Polling and allow every student to participate in in-class discussions. All you need to do is to open a poll with open-ended questions and launch it at the beginning of a discussion. Enable multiple voting so that any student can participate as many times as he/she wants. Besides, voting is anonymously so students feel free to express their ideas. This way, students will no longer feel uncomfortable.

Create Word Cloud from Text Messages

word-cloud, student engagement
Word clouds are a creative way of presenting information or the results of the voting. Create word cloud from text messages. They look very nice and the audience loves them. Word clouds are commonly used during presentations and speeches. However, the teacher can use word clouds for in-class discussions. For example, a teacher can use it during the literature class to ask students what they think about certain work. As word clouds are very interactive, students will be eager to take part in the voting and will be more engaged.

Orgniaze Q&As to Increase Student Engagement

Another way, in which polls can be used for Q&A in class. It is important to ask questions during the class, but some students are too shy, or they do not like to raise their questions. To solve this problem, teachers can organize a Q&A via a poll so that students can type their questions without any uncomfortable feelings.

Increase Student Engagement through Feedback

Feedback and course evaluations are opportunities for students to participate in school management. When students feel that their opinion is taken into consideration, they become more serious about their education. This will have an impact on their engagement level overall. Students might also have some suggestions for efficient classroom management. They can be very useful.
However, they might feel pressure as they might think that by doing so they are questioning the instructors teaching style. That fear will prevent them from sharing their ideas. With the help of Swift Polling, teachers or school management can organize a poll, which will give students a chance to participate anonymously. This way, students will not feel pressure and will gladly share their opinion with the school or teacher.

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