There are different types of company meetings that are held on a regular or as-need basis. However, the majority of people don’t like company meetings and consider them as a waste of time. Who likes to sit and listen to others for hours?

Before going forward, let’s look at some company meeting statistics:

  • 47% see meetings as a time waster.
  • Professionals say they lose 31 hours a month on unproductive meetings.
  • 73% do other work during meetings.
    That’s why you need creative ideas to spice up future company meetings and make a difference for all the company staff. Here are 12 best creative ideas for your next meeting.

    creative ideas_company meetings

    1.Conduct company meetings outside the office

    A grey office room can be really boring and become a reason of employees’ distraction.

    It’s preferable to conduct company meetings in a venue that is less official in order to have more effective and engaging discussion.

    One of the creative ideas is to hold company meetings in the park? Imagine, sitting in the park or just walking through it and having a discussion similar to a natural human discussion.

    2. Choose odd company meeting time

    There is no company meeting where at least one of the attendees is not late. It sometimes becomes a real problem as leaders have to start the meeting later than the scheduled time, which in turn impacts the effectiveness of it.

    A creative idea that is already used by many companies and is proven to be an effective one is to schedule company meetings at an odd time. As practice shows, when a meeting is set for an odd time, such as 9:18, attendees remember that better and try to be on time.

    3. Choose a meeting theme

    Hold your company meetings on a single theme To have a clear purpose, outcome, and topic. Which theme should you choose?

    To identify take into account what would fit your organization most and align best with your goals.

    This will help to create engaging meetings you and your colleagues enjoy attending.

    Here is the examples of meeting themes:
    1. Top Performance
    2. A Better Workplace
    3. Overcoming Obstacles
    4. Vision

    4. Use humor

    Start company meetings with a joke and encourage attendees to make them too.

    From the first sight these two words may seem absolutely not compatible. But a little bit of humor may help to release tense atmosphere and have an engaging start of a meeting.

    At least, positive emotions at work lead to better results in life and in business.

    5. Engage employees

    Another creative idea for your next company meetings is to engage staff with the help of their internet connected devices and a user-friendly polling software, such as Swift Polling.

    For example, when presenting issues regarding the company you can ask for your employees opinion and what solution they offer. With the help of the mentioned polling software everybody can participate in the process, including the shy ones, who otherwise avoid to speak up.

    Results are updated in real time, so you can discuss them with employees to choose the best option.

    6. Interactive presentation

    When preparing a presentation for you speech, try to make it unique and interactive. Dedicate one slide to your attendees and enable them to have their input and fill it in. How?

    Prepare polls regarding the theme you are going to present and integrate the link into your PPT. The polling software, Swift Polling, enables you to do that fast and easy through the PPT add-on it released.

    When voting employees will see how the results are changing in real time on the slide.

    7. Use word cloud

    Another creative idea for company meetings is to integrate word cloud activities in it. These can be a good fit for team meetings to get insights in a fast and creative way and to make future decisions.

    For example, it’s a common case for big companies that the production team presents a prototype of a future product to the whole team to identify how employees would use it and what needs this product can satisfy.

    In this case, the polling software can be a great tool to research and find out employees’ opinions quickly.

    8. Conduct democratized Q&A session

    Democratized Q&A session is one more creative idea for company meetings.

    The traditional method of conducting a Q&A session has many drawbacks such as the time limit of the session, the low level of participation of employees and more.

    First, democratized Q&A is conducted earlier, after each topic is presented. Employees will be fresh and full of questions.

    Second, it’s important to provide anonymity, which in turn will enhance the participation rate and will make employees believe that their voices are heard and concerns are addressed.

    The polling software will help with these points.

    9. Organize competition

    Why not to organize and conduct competition to prevent the employees from getting bored and distracted and provide more engagement?

    For example, you can ask topic related questions, such as to suggest the best solution for the presented company issue and pick up 5 employees to present their options.

    Then with the help of the polling software conduct anonymous polling enabling all employees to vote for the best option. The “winner” will get a symbolic prize on behalf of the company.

    The creative idea can be energizing and refreshing for all the staff.

    10. Make it fun

    Leave room for fun. There are different ways to entertain employees: You can either invite musicians and artists, or choose a non-typical setting (like a resort) for their all hands meeting sessions.

    Otherwise you can organize games using the polling software. For example, you can list the tactics of a presented strategy and ask the employees to think about the next tactic that would be the best for that strategy.

    11. Integrate remote team members too

    If your company has branches abroad it would be a great and creative idea to integrate remote members too during company meetings. That will also enforce overall company culture and vision.

    Set up a conference call with a speakerphone or a video call. To make sure that team members that can’t be physically in the room are able to take part in the meeting just as much as everyone else ask them questions through a polling platform such as Swift Polling. All the employees will be able to participate in the process and see the results in real time.

    12. Let the employees sum up company meetings

    It really would be a creative idea to engage and impress employees at the end of the meeting too.

    The polling software is a great solution here. The employees can express their opinion on the overall meeting by voting through text or online.

    Moreover, to make the end much more interesting and fun it would be better to create a word cloud question and ask the employees to describe the overall meeting in one or two words. Repetitive responses will be shown larger and in another color indicating the opinion of the majority.

    Apply these creative ideas into your next company meetings and make it much more effective and interesting.

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