In this article, we are going to talk about how to use web-based and SMS polling software for corporate training.

What is Corporate Training?


Corporate Training. When we hear those words, the first thing that comes to our mind is training for newly hired employees. However, the meaning of this phrase has changed. Today, corporate training has a much broader sense. It is no longer a one-time training for developing some technical skills. Corporate training has evolved into a consistent process that develops the soft skills of employees at any level. The employees take those corporate training in ordered to improve their communication, leadership and management skills. Also, the company may include workplace ethics and safety training. Moreover, the company might organize some training to develop the skills that are needed for workers’ duties.

Why is it important?

After we understood the meaning of corporate training, let us talk about its importance for the company. It might seem that organizing this training is a great cost for a company. In reality, it is an investment for the future.
Today it is very easy to improve your skills thanks to the internet and a big variety of online courses. However, even with all those resources no of us fully possess all the necessary skills. At the begging of our careers, we all have some skill gaps. That is why it is important, that a company provides an opportunity for its employees to fill in those gaps. This way, the firm will have much more skilled workers and will be more productive.


Moreover, as professionals we what to grow and learn new things. If the company encourages the development of its workers, they are more pleased and are motivated to work harder. As a result, we have higher job satisfaction and lower staff turnover rate.
Now let us talk about the training that is important for creating a healthy working environment.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management skills are crucial for a successful business. That is why it is as important to make sure that your managers at any level are equipped with such skills. Leadership training has to be organized consistently as there are always new approaches.

Communication with Customer

Customer communications training should be mandatory for customer support service as they deal with them daily. But, other departments will benefit from this workshop as well. Because the customer is the most important element in any business.

General Safety

This is one of the most important lessons as it might save the lives of your workers. It is important that everyone especially leaders know their roles during an emergency. Conducting such training will make the working place secure.

Workplace Ethics

In addition to general safety, we need to feel comfortable in the workplace. This will help to build a strong company culture. When a company has a strong culture, the working environment is safe and communication is effective.


Nowadays, cybersecurity is very important. Any company has some data, which it has to keep secure. That is why; cybersecurity training can prevent an attack and save the company’s data. That training can teach very basics of cybersecurity such as setting strong passwords and avoiding suspicious emails.

How to use web and text-based polling software for corporate training?

Now as we are familiar with corporate training and their value, let us talk about how to use polling software for corporate training.

Quick Quiz

Corporate training is still a lesson there an instructor has to make sure that everyone got the topic. The best way of checking is a quiz. However, the traditional way of conducting a quiz might not be effective for corporate training. It is time-consuming, and people will not want to write a quiz. Here Swift Polling comes in handy. The instructor can create a quiz via a poll with both multiple-chores and open-ended questions. You can even set the correct answer. People will fill in the quiz through their phones. You can choose to use either web or SMS polling. This a great way a quick check the knowledge and see what part needs to be explained in more detail.


This is the part where learning takes place. My professor used to say that, if we do not have any questions it means that we were not listening. Many of us believe that it is better to leave our questions to the very end. Some of us write them down to ask once the session is over. However, you might not be the only one who has that question. Others might also be interested. Besides, the instructor might not be willing to stay extra time to answer your questions. That is why it is better to ask them during the session.

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The best way of organizing a productive Q&A is to open a web polling so that people will be able to type their questions and the instructor will see them in real-time. That will help to generate a discussion as well.


To understand how well the training is, it is good to conduct a short survey to get feedback. All you have to do is to link a few polls to create a survey and activate it at the end of the session. This survey can be done a few times, as you can reset your poll and reuse them. The company itself can conduct this kind of survey to get employees’ feedback about the training and the instructor.

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