Many people think that the main work of successful board meetings takes place at its official, formal event. However, a great deal of important work is done also before and after the meeting.

Before going forward, let’s see what are board meetings? Those are formal meetings of the board of directors of an organization, held usually at definite intervals to consider policy issues and major problems.

What is obvious is that poorly organized board meetings can be a real waste of time causing poorly made decisions.

The quality of successful board meetings can make a considerable difference to a board’s benefit. That’s why here we present 5 tips for successful board meetings.

1. Plan the agenda

You may say: “That is obvious”. However, you need to remember that the purpose of successful board meetings is for corporate governance/advice. Pay attention to each detail, including laying out important topics, such as sales, R&D, marketing, HR, finance, legal, etc., properly.

To make sure that you are planning a successful board meeting, prepare the agenda for at least a month before the meeting, and send an announcement reminder to all board members along with the agenda at least 7 days before.

To enable board members to get familiar with the agenda, send all the appropriate documents in an email to them.

Agenda should be built in detail, however, make sure to include time at the end of the meeting to discuss items that aren’t on the agenda.

2. Focus on the strategic issues

People’s attention span is getting shorter day by day, so not to waste time on issues that otherwise can be reviewed via email it would be fine to concentrate on big issues at first.

For example, instead of addressing what works, you should discuss what does not and try to find solutions with all the board members. Go through the challenges and get the board’s advice. Of course, after you can discuss what works well, as it has an educational and motivational impact on board members.

This will add great value to the board meeting, help make strategically important decisions and promote your company to move forward.

3. Pay attention to time

Schedule the right amount of time for the successful board meeting and make sure that it starts and ends on time.

Different researchers offer a different amount of time for successful board meeting: 2 hours, 3 hours, 4, 5 and even 6. But It highly depends on the amount and importance of issues that you are going to discuss.

What is important here is to always start the meeting on time despite the fact that some members are late. Remember, justifying the behavior of being late once may result in board members’ behavior of arriving later and later.

4. Get the boards’ feedback

As I have mentioned above, with the presentation of strategic issues it’s important to get board members’ opinions and advice.

Successful board meetings offer a great opportunity to generate and exchange new ideas and perspectives in real-time. They promote a forward-thinking and creative environment without the influence of daily tasks.

Swift Polling can be a great tool to save time, avoid a lot of mess and encourage the participation of all the board members. To collect their suggestions and concerns on different issues, an open-ended question should ask board members to send their ideas.

Otherwise, you can create a survey with multiple-choice questions and ask members to participate in it. That will show how they are satisfied and confident with the presented topics.

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5. Allocate time to Q&A

Q&A sessions play a vital role in any type of meeting, and board ones are not an exception. They can be a great way to make sure that all the presented concepts, set goals and planned activities are clear to all the board members.

Allocating enough time to Q&A sessions during successful board meetings is essential. But it’s also important to use the right tools.

Here again, Swift Polling’s real-time tools can make Q&As faster, easier and more effective by avoiding a lot of mess and unasked questions.

Swift Polling provides anonymity encouraging all the members, including those who are shy or feel uncomfortable, to ask their questions. The members will send their questions to this number or will submit through the web by responding to your open-ended question.

You are able to display the received questions in real-time. Moreover, if time is scarce, you are able to filter questions and show only the urgent ones.

Following these simple, but important guides will help organize successful board meetings.

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