Today we are going to share some tips on how to calm nerves before public speaking. Speaking before an audience can be very intimidating for many of us. However, eventually, we have to face our fears and fight it.

First of all, you have to realize that it is okay to be a little bit nervous, but it is important not to allow the stress to take over. The stress produces adrenaline, which helps to think faster.

Practice Beforehand

The best way to reduce the level of anxiety is to be ready. If you do some rehearsals of your speech, you will feel much more comfortable. Try writing some key points of your speech and use it notes for yourself. However, do not try to memorize your speech. It will make even more nervures. Just repeat your speech out loud as many times as you need. The good old trick is to stand before the mirror and practice. It will help you to imagine that you are on stage. Another good thing to do is to ask someone to sit down, listen to your speech, and later provide feedback. If you cannot find anyone to help you, just film yourself while practicing. This way you will be able to see the mistakes you are doing and what has to be corrected.

Do not Try to be Perfect

Many people are trying to make everything perfect. But the truth that is no one is perfect. Do not try to be a “perfect speaker”. Be yourself. Remember that people in the audience have come to hear your speech. Do not try to be someone else just accept who you are. Being as you are will make you much more self-confident.

How to Calm Nerves before Public Speaking by Interacting with The Audience

how to calm nerves before public speaking

The next tip is audience engagement. Audience involvement is a key to successful talk. In today’s world, it is difficult to keep the audience’s attention. This is when Swift Polling comes in handy. Use it to ask some questions, or use it to allow your audience to participate in some fun activity. Small activity will help to keep your audience interested. Turning your monologue into a dialogue helps reduce your nervousness and engages the audience.

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Take a Deep Breath

deep breath
Breathing is key to calm down in any situation. Before your speech take few deep breaths and “As you inhale,” says Greenberg, “say to yourself ‘I am,’ and as you exhale, say ‘relaxed.’ Continue to take deep during the talk. It is important to breathe in the right way. Breathing from your stomach muscles, not your chest. This way you will be able to calm your nervous system.

Visualize your success

Do not underestimate the power of visualization. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself delivering an amazing speech. Envision that you are confident and
enthusiastic. Once you create the picture of a successful speech in your mind that will allow you to achieve that in reality.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

how to calm nerves before public speaking, avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Another tip is to avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you are nervures then you defiantly should stay far away from beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol. Those type of drinks is only going to make the situation much worst. Caffeine drinks can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which will make you much stress out. As a result, your hands can start to shake or have a headache. You probably do not need these kinds of effects, which gives your audience the impression you are very nervous. Moreover, alcohol will give some unwanted consequences as well. If you drink, alcohol to handle your fears, it will have an opposite effect. In reality, it will increase your chances of forgetting things and slurring your words. The best thing to drink is water. It will nourish from inside.

How to Calm Nerves before Public Speaking with a Work out


Many of us think that it is not worth to spend time on morning work out before an important event. We think that it is a waste of time and that this time can be a speech on preparation. However, there is nothing, which helps to reduce stress like a good work out. Exercise to boost endorphins, which will help decrease anxiety. Work out helps not just release the stress, but also focus your mind. So next time you have a speech hit the gym or go jogging.

What are your tips of calming down before public speaking?

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