In this era of interactive communication, analyses of public opinion have become more valuable and at the same time, more challenging to achieve. The digital age provides different ways to gather information and accurately analyze data. Different text to vote and live audience polling can help you to make the audience survey an easy process.

Live Polling gained popularity because of being very fast and convenient in use. The software designed to interact with the audience by providing questions, text to vote, and quizzes made communication with the audience easier. Regardless of the size live audience polling provides an opportunity to involve all the people present.

This type of communication guarantees great audience engagement and gives moderator full control over the process.

Live Polling Tool

Live polling enables you to create surveys and different Q&A sessions. In addition, it can organize interactive polling by combining open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions. Also, Live audio polling enables people to vote with their cell phones and instantly see the results in real time on the screen.

The audience will be able to use their cellphones to put provided code and open a text poll questions. People who will want to use SMS polling should pick their country codes and their local phone numbers. Uk and Canadian phone number holders can select their country code and proceed with the corresponding option that they want to vote for as the message.

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Swift Polling is a platform that allows creating polls and surveys in a fast and easy way. The collection of feedback and surveys with real-time results became an easy poll setup process. In addition, Swift Polling became very useful for providing data and audience feedback by measuring their responses. It is being used during events and conferences, schools, Church Sunday services, team meetings. Business and corporate meetings can also use Swift polling for collection of feedback. Basically everywhere where it will be comfortable to present web polls and create text to votes by letting participants vote and choose their favorite options.


How to use life polling

Swift Polling allows moderators to create multiple-choice polls with the text to vote and quizzes. Participants can choose among answers that they prefer and later view the results on the screen. It’s a good way to understand audience reaction and the way of thinking. Provide text or feedback can be anonymous by texting the code or SMS polling. This provides a great chance for moderators to understand the audience’s concerns and individual perspectives better.
Open-ended questions provide insights from important customer data and are very useful in depicting audience preference and choice. With Q&A, organizers can ask the audience to leave a comment and provide their own version of a possible answer. Letting people share their own opinion can be very important in getting a fresh perspective and collecting personal experience for future planning and analyses. Audience members can also use Q&A for submission of their questions by putting the same code that was used for the creation of the text poll. The moderator of the event can go through all the collected questions and provide more detailed answers if needed.


Business and corporate meetings

When companies launch their new product, they can use Swift Polling to collect responses from their audience using live polling. This will help to understand the first impression of the customer. And first impressions from live polling. This insight can be essential for the company to understand what are the first impressions that people have. They can better understand what doesn’t work, what are the drawbacks that the product has. This will help companies to fix possible issues before the user actually experiences them. Organizations cal also use Swift Polling to engage people who do not want to express their ideas and share their experiences loudly. For these cases, anonymous surveys can be an effective platform for them to communicate their thoughts and ideas freely.

Companies can also use live audience polling to organize team buildings and various staff meeting activities. Companies can dive employees into different groups and provide them questions and multiple-choice quizzes. This way they will promote group cooperation and collective learning. Employees can learn from each other and encourage them to cooperate to achieve better results.

This type of group activity encourages people to brainstorm and better engage in the process to achieve better results. Employees will become more open in expressing their ideas and in listening and accepting other points of view. Swift Polling can be used as a very creative way of engaging the audience. Moderator can use live polling to ask a question to the audience and determine

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