The millennial classroom management requires more flexible approach to studying. It requires not only constant involvement of teachers in the development of the curriculum but also active student participation. That is why it is necessary to update curriculum regularly and define the existing and possible challenges in the educational system. This development will help to modify newly emerged teaching methods and accommodate these new studying practices.


Classroom Management

What topics are important and what topics classrooms should cover? How to integrate technological devices to get the maximum learning outcome?Questions like this became very popular and they need answers. Some people think that the role of a teacher is no longer relevant in the world of online learning and technological devices are a supplement for teachers. However, practice shows that devices became an additional source for more effective learning. Schools to be able to keep up with this changing environment apply tech devices n their daily practices.One of the tools that is widely used by teachers and successfully applied in studying practices is Swift Polling.

Digital technologies proved to enhance collaboration between students and teachers. They push the school curriculum and improve teaching practices. Tech devices promote creativity and innovation.

Swift Polling

First of all, Swift Polling is a tool for teachers to prepare their questions and test quizzes in advance. During class time, teachers can use the software to ask questions to students and refresh their memories about the topic. Text polls are very useful for getting answers from classroom in a fast and easy way . In the middle of the class, teachers can use Swift Polling and ask students to take their phones, and through putting the right code, start filling up the multiple choice questions and quizzes.As a result,helps teachers to see how many students chose the correct answer.

Modern-day classes with integrated tech devices develop teaching efficiency and ability to adapt as the world changes. Tech devices can also be helpful in objective student assessment, creation of content, and much more. It allows the school to increase the chances of every student to successfully acquire the material while being actively engaged in the lesson. Text Polls are very convenient in use for students assessment purposes. They provide fast and reliable information about answers and are a good indicator of how well students are familiar with a topic. Swift Polling is very convenient in use and will be a great addition to students learning activities.All that students need to is to choose answers and see how well they perform in comparison to the whole class.

Group collaboration

Teamwork became very important in the modern classroom management. Many courses today in schools and universities require students to work on groups and different team activities. Class management is divided between individual and group learning, where students learn how to cooperate to achieve better results.However, for students to be able to work in groups, several important characteristics and skills need to be developed. These processes is not always an automatic process. It takes a lot of time and resources to teach students how to cooperate and trust each other. Students become more open in expressing their ideas and in listening and accepting other points of view.

Students develop a sense of cooperation and reliance. They achieve good results due to collaboration with other students. Tech devices and game software encourage students to brainstorm and involve in peer interaction to achieve better results. The role of the professor changes from transferring knowledge to students to guiding students to interact and construct their knowledge.

Assessment tool

Technological devices come as a great tool that help to effectively develop, build, and asses students in their team activities. Text polls can be used to develop a sense of cooperation in students and boost the overall learning process. Teachers can divide students into groups and use Swift Polling as a tool for involving them in team activities. Teachers can ask students to follow and answer questions and quizzes. Students are very excited about this kind of activities. They like to be engaged in group activities and additional use of devices comes as a great plus for them.

Technological devices make communication easier process and encourage the dialogue between the students and the teacher. It provides teacher with better understanding of what students need in a modern classroom. It gives teachers the opportunity to provide more relevant content and better suit the learning needs of each student. At the same time helping the instructor to guarantee successful classroom management.

Visual Learning

Modern technology allows us to give a successful presentation for the audience. Visualization of the material makes the presentation for students more interesting and engaging. Images and other visual tools are very useful for persuasion of the audience during the presentation. Text Polls are very useful in providing clear visual images to students . Swift Polling can be a great addition for the presentation. When teachers want to bring back the attention of students and make it more interactive, they can use Swift Polling software.

After showing the results of a text poll to the audience, teachers can visually make students reflect and think about their given answer. Quizzes and tests can bring benefit to all the parties involved in the learning process. Teachers, in addition to quizzes and multiple-choice tests use Swift Polling for collection of anonymous answers and replies.Students who do not want to engage in conversation in front of the whole class can still ask their questions by sending it via Swift Polling software. Due to this software, teachers manage to get fast feedback from their students, encourage their participation and involvement. In addition, students get fun experience by combining active learning and modern day technological devices. Swift Polling gives an opportunity to interact with the students in a new way.

Why is it popular ?

The main reason why Swift Polling is that popular among students is that it provides special effects, encourages audience participation and guarantees fun experience. Useful features that students can use even in their group projects and presentation provide a unique educational experience. Swift polling encourages students to visually see and reflect on the content and overall learning process.

Collaborative learning refers to methods that encourage students to work together on academic tasks. It effectively engages students during the class and encourages problem-solving.Swift Polling is a great tool, it can guarantee a long-term engagement in the classroom and fun learning process and successful classroom management process. It encourages students to reflect on the content and better visualize their answers.Teachers can use Swift polling as an excellent tool for creating surveys and for getting fast and timely feedback. In addition to being engaging and fun it encourages students to work together to achieve better results. Students learn how to cooperate to succeed and develop collaborative skills.

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