The educational system experiences new challenges. Edu tech devices provide new teaching strategies that proved to be efficient in unified classroom activities.

Modern school curriculum adopts strategies for successful implementation of technologies in classrooms. An interest in technology drives this technological interest in the job market and labor. It is widely accepted that tech devices provide quality at scale.As a result, more and more businesses ask for tech knowledge and innovation in their job requirements.

The issue with ed-tech development is that for over a century, education and schooling experienced almost no development. To be able to stay competitive in today’s competitive world, learning experience and technological development must go hand in hand. The traditional classroom should expand education by adopting more tech devices and teaching strategies in the learning process. However, some schools have mistrust and are more inclined to follow traditional methods of teaching in unified classrooms.

American University of Armenia

Teachers are more willing to apply tech devices in classrooms by organizing tech workshops and events. However, are less willing to scale up technology practices in the classroom to a new level. Millennial classrooms already started using devices in everyday classroom activities. These new teaching strategies help them to stay competitive and have everything under control.

These new approaches are very important for educational institutions. They provide new teaching strategies to satisfy the learning needs of students. Learning materials should be relevant and available to students and teachers. In the millennial classroom, rules of learning, and overall educational process change. It takes into account the accessibility of the edu devices, quality of material, teaching practices, and traditions. , A case study at the American University of Armenia was developed to illustrate how schools and universities can leverage Swift Polling to their benefit.

Universities play a significant role in transforming education beyond the physical classroom into innovative and creative technology driven classroom experience. The American University of Armenia tries to achieve effective learning opportunities by combining classroom experience and modern tech devices. The school combines quality educational content and supports it with effective use of technology. Effective teaching, combined with tech devices, requires a set of skills to make student-teacher interaction easier. A great portion of that responsibility lies on teachers’ creativity and available technology.


Modern Education

An essential factor that needs to be taken into account when thinking about student engagement is their daily preference. In the era of technological development, it is impossible to imagine students without their smartphones and laptops and develop new teaching strategies. Therefore, to capture their attention, educators need to speak the same language as students. In particular, develop creative methods to use tech devices during the class.

Professor Mary H. Boghosian and her associate lecturer Elizabeth Keshishyan, who teach Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation shared with their experience. Because education has evolved from being a one-way knowledge flow to a practice that requires heavy student engagement and strategies to enhance student learning. Having that in mind, Professors started using IT tools to engage their students and make classes more interesting for students. Using educational software helped them to assess student learning outcomes better and convince other professors that well-designed e-learning strategies and tools promote the effective learning experience

Professor M. H. Boghosian argues that for some students, educational software can be very helpful in providing an innovative learning experience. Students who showed less class involvement and who had lower participation grades became more active due to engaging software like Swift polling. Tools like Swift Polling encourage problem-solving and develop the necessary cooperative skills. Professor Boghosian states that different software are very useful in simulating the future work environment. They help students to develop independent problem solving by using tech devices.

Encouraging active learning is essential for constructive learning processes and innovative classroom experience.
Tools like this proved to increase class engagement and promote interactive learning by assessing the results of the students. Students are getting better involved in the class discussions, and more actively participate and express their ideas and views.

Class attendance

Taking attendance in the traditional way can be a time-consuming experience. It takes time to read the names of every student, includes it in paper sheets and creates some unnecessary schedules. Swift polling can also be useful for taking fast attendance during the classroom. Swift Polling is a creative tool that allows professors to create a poll with students, give them the code for access, and wait a few minutes until they will select their names with their cell phones. This smartphone interaction is very helpful in providing students with a few minutes break during the class and bring their attention back to the lesson. The time and effort saved by the Professor help to optimize the learning experience and increase the productivity of the lecture.

Short fun quizzes

Online quizzes are designed to rightly learning objectives. They also help Professors to better assess student learning outcomes in the unified classroom. This quizzes provide regular feedback to students and show their progress. It motivates students to carefully choose answers.Teachers use Swift Polling to prepare their quizzes in advance. These quizzes can consist of multiple choice and true/false questions.

One of the main objectives to use quizzes is to assess student understanding of the lesson rightly. During class time, Professors can use the software as a tool to refresh the memory of students about the topic. Text polls are very useful for teachers to get answers from classroom fast and easy. In the middle of the class, teachers can use Swift polling app to ask students to take their phones and through putting the right code, start filling up the multiple choice questions and quizzes. It is very useful and provides an opportunity for teachers to see how many students choose the right answer.

Anonymous Q&A

Swift Polling allows educators to create online quizzes and questions which make classes more innovative and engaging. Anonymous Q&A can be very useful in the face of interaction with students. It is proven that technology can improve participation and engagement. However, it can also be useful in the phase of providing teachers anonymous questions or answers. Teachers, in addition to fun quizzes or tests, use Swift Polling as a tool for the collection of anonymous questions. It is helpful for students who feel uncomfortable to engage in the conversation in front of the whole class.

Swift Polling allows these students to still address their questions to the Professor by sending it via Swift Poll software. Students can ask the Professor to repeat challenging part from a lecture or can address their questions that otherwise would not be able to do it. The most efficient way of implementing edu technologies is combining it with traditional methods of teaching. Teachers need to provide students with the opportunity of practice and repetition. Some students can feel insecure about asking the Professor to elaborate on some specific part or to repeat one more time. In these cases, Swift Polling can be an excellent tool for telling a teacher about some unclear concept anonymously.

Course evaluation

Student feedback and assessment is a crucial aspect in the development of a productive classroom environment. Students should be able to express their ideas about the e-learning environment and the success of educational methods. Based on the findings, Professors can provide more relevant and suitable content for students. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate the strategies used during the class, express their ideas, and provide constructive and relevant feedback.

Swift Polling allows professors to evaluate learning methods and be more flexible in the process of change and learning choices. Due to Swift Polling software, teachers manage to post questions and get fast feedback from their students, this is a way to encourage student participation and involvement. Meanwhile, students get fun experience by combining active learning and modern day technological devices teachers can get fast and anonymous feedback. Swift Polling allows teachers to interact with the students in a new way.

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