Nowadays, many gyms want to provide more to their members by organizing info sessions, seminars, conferences, workshops and similar events on a variety of subjects.

To organize an event that is the right fit for your community takes time and effort. One of the important factors you need to keep in mind in order to ensure success is to identify the participants’ expectations and needs. Applying a polling software for gyms is the most convenient way to do that.

A polling software for gyms is a great tool to use during events when asking fitness questions and collecting questions/answers. Not saying, that it can be a quick and easy way to get insights on fitness customer service.


Let’s see in detail how to get the most out of an online polling software for gyms:

1. Find out what the community wants

Like any event worthy of success, you need to have a good plan. Besides pricing, partnerships, execution, one of the important components of such a plan is understanding participants and what they need.

As already mentioned above, the most effective way to do that is to use a user-friendly online polling software for gyms and collect data.

One of the appropriate polling software for gyms is Swift Polling, as it offers real-time voting and analysis of results.

Before determining on what subject to conduct a seminar, a conference or a session, create clear and concise questions: those can be open-ended or multiple choice ones. An example is: “Which of the following subjects most interest you?”

1. General fitness
2. Weight training
3. General nutrition
4. Other

To create and conduct voting, you should sign up on Swift Polling website and choose the type of question you want to create. The platform enables two voting channels – SMS and web, so you can choose both.

After launching the question you can either embed the link on your website in case you have one or show the instructions on a big screen in your gym hall, where people work out.

Moreover, you can display the presentation mode on the big screen, where people will see both the analytics of results updated in real time and the instructions of how to vote.

2. Integrate the attendees in the session

Engage the attendees into the session hence at the start of the event. With the help of the polling software for gyms, you can create a word cloud question such as “In one or two words, what topic would you like to talk about today”.

The topics can be on bodybuilding, weight loss/gain, food, calories, body mass, muscle, exercise, health, zumba and more. It will help to tailor the session to the attendees’ needs, so make it much more effective and engaging.

To keep the interactivity level during the event, you can engage the audience further by asking fitness questions.

For example, before starting talking on different types of diet, first of all identify what diet type your audience prefers. Create a multiple choice question including various diet types in the options or create a word cloud one asking “What diet type do you prefer most?”. Examples can be keto, carb-cycling, gluten-free and more). Enable your audience to text to vote or submit their responses through the web.

After you should display the results in real time and address each response starting from the ones that are more frequently voted or sent. Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of each diet type and recommend the ones that have not appeared among the responses.

There are many other fitness questions examples that you can ask using an online polling platform for gyms.

3. Gamify the audience members

To engage the attendees even more, you can play a game with them and check how educated they are on fitness questions. And again, the mentioned online polling software for gyms can be a good fit for that game.

An example of fitness questions for this game can be the following: an event moderator or speaker can name a dish and ask attendees to send the ingredient from the recipe that they think contains the most amount of carbs.

To make a session more fun, it’s preferable to choose a word cloud when creating a question: It will show which answers domain the other in an interesting and colorful way.

Based on the real-time results the speaker will kick-off a discussion addressing all of the answers and explain what organic compounds each ingredient contains the most.

4. Collect questions/feedback

Q&A is an inseparable part of any event and the ones organized by gyms are not an exception. However, most often many fitness questions are left unanswered because not all the members are allowed to ask questions or some of the attendees are shy and they don’t dare to raise their hands.

The online polling software for gyms can solve the mentioned problems and help collect members’ questions/feedback.

During the meeting, attendees can text their questions/feedback or submit them online. Swift shows the results in real time.

Importantly, it’s possible to moderate the questions and present only the urgent ones.

What will you have at the end of the event? The satisfied audience, no fitness questions left unanswered and enough feedback to improve and organize even better events.

5. Get insights on fitness customer service

Every gym owner knows that fitness customer service plays a vital role in member acquisition and member retention. Gym members satisfied with the fitness customer service will automatically come back to your gym and spread the word to their family, friends, and co-workers. That’s why the quality of customer service is always the top priority.

Now, how to collect honest feedback and get insights on the fitness customer service? Here again, online polling software for gyms fits well. Customers will not be afraid to express their honest opinion regarding the fitness customer service, started from fitness facilities and ending with the trainers.

It’s obvious that in this digital era innovative technologies have infused in all aspects of life, including health and fitness making various processes much more effective and easy.

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