In the article, we will talk about how to use real-time polling to engage with your audience. Nowadays, it is becoming much more difficult to keep the audience engaged during an event. The attention span is getting shorter. The human brain can focus on a certain topic for approximately 10-20 minutes depending on a person.

Using real-time polling for different events

Considering this fact, it is important to have a solution that will help to keep the audience invested in the event. Swift Polling provides that solution. It provides real-time polling both online and via text messages as well as word clouds. There is an endless number of ways, in which poll can be used. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the event types, in which you can use Swift Polling.

Let us start with the conference and talks. It is the first type of event that comes to mind when thinking about where to use real-time polling. A speaker can use Swift Polling to interact with the audience by asking them questions, quickly collecting response and showing results at the same time. That will make the talk much more interesting and not like a boring presentation, there the audience losses the interests after some time. The responses can be anonymous so that everyone will participate without any hesitation.

The next type of setting is the churches and Sunday service. Bible studies are one of the great examples where you can use Real-time polling. The priest can use real-time polling to collect prayer requests. It is worth to note that some people do not want to share their praying requests for personal reasons. Swift Polling can help in this case, as the response can be confidential.
Swift Polling for prayer request

Another place where polls can be used is the classroom. Real-time polling can be applied in class in many ways. From a quick attendance, check to generate in-class discussions and conducting course evaluations.
Course evaluation form on Swift Polling

Other situations of using Swift Polling are business and team meetings. As meetings are very important, real-time polling can help to have successful Q&A sessions, presentations, and to collect feedback from your employees or partners. For the team meeting, it can additionally be used for organizing the meeting itself. For example, a team member can use a poll for deciding the time and place for the meeting.

Swift Polling for meetings, real-time polling

Registration & Attendance Check

Registration is one of the processes that are time-consuming and sometimes irritating. People do not like to stand in line to write their names on the sheet. Today, there is no need for that, this process can be optimized. The organizers can open a poll for the participants, and they can type in their names from their phones without any queue. You can even combine questions in case you would like to have participant’s email, phone apart for names.

In addition, We can apply a similar approach to the educational institution. Attendance checks are taking a valuable class time that teachers can spend on solving one more exercise for kids. On the other hand, we cannot eliminate them. Instructors can use real-time polling in order to make attendance check very easy and quick. They just need to open a poll with students’ names as response options and restrict each person to vote only once. The teacher can create the poll only once and reused every day. The instructor can restrict the poll with a password so that students will have to be physically present in order to respond. The internet connection is not required as students can respond with text voting.

Interact with the Audience by Voting for Multiple-choice Questions

As it was already mentioned above, the people’s attention span is getting shorter. That is why you need to engage your audience in order to keep them focused. The best way of keeping them invested in your event is to interact with your audience. By using Swift Polling, a person can interact even with a large audience. The person can start he/she talk give questions to the audience or ask for a comment, and they can provide their insights online or with text voting.


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Give them Fun Quizzes & Discuss the Results

Quizzes are a great way to interact with your audience. You can use them during training sessions or during a talk. It can be done in schools as well. As students are getting bored easily, and after some time in class they are reaching to their smartphones. Real-time polling provides a great opportunity for teachers to conduct a fun, short quiz, help to keep students focused. It will also provide teachers with an insight, which part of the lesson students have understood well, and which part that needs to be explained one more time. In addition, students will get the pleasure of using their phones.

Engage them with an interactive Word Cloud

Word cloud is mainly used to show specific keywords and tags. It is of was to visually present the information. Participants give their responses, and based on the frequency, the certain keyword or tag will appear bigger. Word clouds will provide an eye-catching and interactive visual for your audience. You can use word clouds during business meetings, classes, conferences, etc. Here is a guideline on how to create a word cloud for you.

word-cloud, real-time polling, audience engagement

Save Time on Q&A with Real-time Polling

Real-time polls can help save time on Q&A sessions and make them much more efficient. Q&A session is usually taking a lot of time. Sometimes, people are not able to ask their questions due to lack of time. Depending number of participants, the once that have questions have to use the microphone in order to address them. As people have to stand up to get the mic or pass the mic to each other that will take time and Q&A will not be efficient. Swift Polling can solve the issues. The participants can type their questions directly through their phones the answer right way. It is worth to mention that some people during conferences or class might not be comfortable to ask questions openly. For such cases, there is an opportunity to ask a question anonymously. This way they will be able to get the answer without any uncomfortable feeling.

real-time polling for Q&A

Have you tried Swift Polling? If yes, where did you use it?

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