We love our pets. Moreover, we all have posted a cute pet photo on social media at least once. There are a lot of dogs or cats photos on the web. We want everyone to see how adorable they are.

Moreover, the pet photo contest is great for that. Nowadays, many pet stores and pet care companies are often organizing pet photo contests. Many of us have seen cute dog photo contests on our social media news feeds. We already have said how Swift Polling can help you run a different type of contest. In this article, we are going to talk about how a pet photo contest benefits for Swift Polling.
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Collect Participants’ Pet Photo with Web Polls

Organizing any type of contest requests a lot of effort and time. Pet photo contests are not an exception. Thanks to the internet, people around the world can participate in the competition. Usually, they are done through social media accounts or email. The organization that initiates the contest asks participants to post photos of their pets and use a specific hashtag and to send their photos through email with a specific subject line. There is a case where contest organizers create separate web sites or apps. That can be very expensive and not very well organized. The participant can send a photo on a wrong email address by mistake. Alternatively, a person might not write a subject line exactly the same way as provided.
Cute Pet photo
Web polling is a great way to solve this issue. With Swift Polling, you do not need to create a separate website or app. All you need to do is to ask pet lovers to send their photos as a vote by using a short event code. They can send their information as a part of the vote, and there will be no need to register. With polls, everything will be organized in a much better way. Swift Polling is going to store all your participants’ photos and keep them organized. Besides, with polling, you can set an exact time to start and end your contest.

Let them Vote for the Winnerof your Pet Photo Contest

Furthermore, What is a better way to choose a winner of your contest than allowing everyone to vote for the best one? This way the competition will be fair and everyone will enjoy it. And what is the better way to collect the votes than polls? Once you closed the contests, you can open a new poll to determine a winner. Just conduct a poll with a multiple-choice question, and put the pictures, so that participants can vote by clicking on the one that they believe deserves to be a winner. You can even integrate your Facebook and Twitter account into Swift Polling. That will allow you to spread your poll through as many different channels. This approach will help you save time and you can announce the winner right away. The people will not have to wait a long time to learn the results of the competition.

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Quick and easy Q&A

Equally important, the connection between the company and its clients is the most important thing. When you are initiating a contest, you have to be in touch with your audience all the time. People have some questions all the time, and it is crucial to respond to those questions as quickly as possible. Sometimes the email might not be the best communication channel. We all have faced a situation, in which we submitted our questions through email, but it takes a lot of time to get the answer. Swift Polling can help you here as well. All you have to do is to open a poll and ask people to submit their questions there. This way you will be able to see questions in real time and answer them quicker than through email. By quickly responding to the questions, your audience will be much more invested in your contest.

Listen to them

Last but not least, Swift Polling can help you to stay connected with your audience. The cutest dog, cats, pet photo contest is very good and pet lovers will always be happy to showcase their beloved pet. However, the same type of contest can get repetitive and people might lose interest. To prevent that from happening organizes have to come up with new and creative ideas for the contest. Why not ask your audience to share their bright ideas for future contests. You can pick the theme for the next pet photo contest, by asking people to vote for the best theme or ask them to submit their ideas. That way, you will be to keep your audience engaged and more interested in the competition.

Have you organized a pet photo contest? And would you use Swift Polling?

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