Nowadays almost every couple wants to have a unique, super personalized and memorable wedding ceremony. In this digital era, you can find many creative and trendy ideas to organize such a destination wedding. Innovative technologies enable couples and event organizers to infuse tech elements into wedding programs which make the ceremonies far beyond what is traditional and expected.

I have bought together six most creative, trendy and coolest ideas to help organize your wedding ceremony with unforgettable moments both for you and your guests.

Projection mapping

Wedding program

Project mapping is one of the tremendously exciting trends that event organizers incorporate into wedding programs. Due to the recent technological innovations it has became possible to create engaging environment and live experience for attendees.

How does it work? Through visual stimulation it maps images and videos on any surface such as indoor stage, table landscape, interior wall, building, wedding cake and even wedding dress, immersing attendees to a live and creative environment.

So, project mapping can be seen as a cornerstone of innovative technological trends for organizing your destination wedding, which:

  • Makes an engaging environment for guests
  • Provides visual journey to attendees
  • Creates Live experience
  • Adds creativity and feeling to the overall environment
  • Makes the wedding ceremony memorable and totally unique

    Charging stations


    Wedding program organizers should not only care about the experience and unforgettable feelings attendees are going to have, but also enabling them to memorialize those moments.

    Most of us faced the problem during events, when we wanted to live-stream on Instagram or post something on Facebook but because of the dead battery we could not. It creates inconvenience for guests and prevent them to fully enjoy the moment.

    Having charging stations at the venues where your ceremony takes place is just a necessary part of your event to keep your guests satisfied during the whole ceremony.

    Innovative technologies and DIY comes to help here with various practical and beautiful solutions. You can put pretty-looking charging stations in different places at your event venue:

  • at the reception desk
  • on the wedding tables
  • or generate a creative charging bar

    Wedding filters

    Innovative technologies

    Snapchat wedding filters are another result of innovative technologies which enables couples to infuse personalized and unique elements into their wedding event.

    We all know, that majority of the guests are going to snap during the ceremony. So it will be amazing opportunity to add personal and special touch to these photos by allowing you guests to create their own filters by choosing templates and fonts, then add their preferable emoji’s, wedding date or location, couple’s name. Otherwise they can use stylish and cohesive filters created by the couple beforehand.

    Customize your wedding making it much more memorable and create an avenue for your guests to get involved in your wedding even more and share your love with others using your wedding filters created by your own!

    Live audience polling

    live polling

    One of the important aspects that should be taken into account when organizing your destination wedding is to keep all the guests involved during the whole ceremony. For that reason, event organizers have thought various interesting and interactive games and incorporated them into the wedding programs.

    But have you ever thought taking the opportunities that the technological innovations offer to engage and entertain your guests and make your wedding day unique?

    For example, you can organize live audience polling by creating online real-time poll-games, which can include funny and entertaining questions or you can organize intellectual games through these polls.

    How can you do it quickly and easily? As not all of your guests can be tech savvy, you can choose one of the user-friendly online polling platforms (Swift Polling). In advance you should:

  • Create your account on the website.
  • Choose one of the suggested plans (based on the responses you are going to get during the game).
  • Create your poll, which can include both open-ended and multiple choice questions.
    Then during the ceremony, you can show your created poll-game on the big screen and ask the guests to participate in the game through:

  • Text message voting or
  • Web polling (just entering the website and typing the event code to see the poll).
    When all the guests take part in the game, you can close the poll and show the results on the big screen.

    Believe me, it should be interesting, entertaining and will add memorable and unique elements into your wedding event.

    Robot bartenders


    One of the latest trends of innovative technologies that should be incorporated into you wedding program is robot bartenders. I can list the advantages which these robots can offer wedding program organizers:

  • They prepare a customizable drink in seconds
  • Allow guests to spend less time at the bar and more time on the dance floor
  • Entertain your guests (some robots even have arms and dance in case of guests’ request)
  • Serve the attendees even after the bartender leaves the wedding
    Don’t forget about these “amazing creatures” when planning your destination wedding.

    GoPro in Bridal Bouquet


    Have you ever thought about using GoPro cameras when imagining your wedding destination to collect more uncommon and ridiculous memories? Probably the answer is “no”.

    The suggestion is the following: as GoPros are little and lightweight, they can be hidden into bride’s bouquet and capture the whole wedding ceremony from the first-person perspective.

    Does this sound as a really cool idea? Then don’t hesitate to insert this little part of innovative technologies too into your wedding program to capture otherwise unobtainable moments of your big day.

    I hope you liked the ideas I have rounded up for you and at least one of them you will incorporate into your wedding program.

    Have a unique wedding day full of big, special and unforgettable moments and experiences 🙂

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