Swift Polling is an audience polling system which allows to create polls, conduct research and gather feedback fast and easy.

With advanced presentation tools the platform enables its users to display the voting results in real time within any browser or integrate a poll in powerpoint presentation.

In order to participate in the polling process people should text to vote or submit their responses through web.

This user-friendly audience polling system enables to:

  • Register in the website using a valid email address or through Facebook or Google login.
  • Create 3 types of questions: multiple choice, open ended and word cloud.
  • Vote through text or web.
  • Integrate the results of polls (both web and sms) into a presentation slides.
  • Share Q&A feedback with your audience in real-time while they are texting questions.
  • Display word clouds to your audience.
  • Create branded slides by uploading your logo.
  • Leverage multi-color chart results.
  • Control and navigate polls right from the slides without entering your Swift Polling account.
    Let’s go step by step and see how to create a question through this audience polling system and integrate a poll in powerpoint.


    1. The first step is to sign up to this audience polling system and create one or more polls and launch them.


    2. Secondly you should download Swift Polling’s PPT add-on. You just need to click on the “Insert” button inside your powerpoint, go to the “Store”, search “Swift Polling” and click on the button “Add”.
    poll in powerpoint

    poll in powerpoint

    Otherwise you can download the add-in from here. You just need to click on the button “Get it now”.

    3. Add Swift Polling ppt add-in to your slide and resize it if necessary.

    4. Adding the ppt add-on to your slide enables you to enter your Swift account directly from the slide.

    5. To proceed, you should choose the poll you want your audience to vote for and click on the button “Add”. The real time results of your poll will appear on the slide and your audience will be able to see that.

    As you can see, above the results there is an instruction for participants both for “text to vote” and “web voting” versions.

    These are the few simple steps that this audience polling system requires to create and integrate a poll in powerpoint.

    Voting process

    As you integrated the poll in powerpoint, it’s time for your audience to vote and see the results updated in real time.

    When creating a poll, you can enable both sms and web voting, in order for your audience to be able to text to vote or participate in the polling process through web.

    In case of text voting your audience should send their response to the number attached to your account: They should send either an option itself (for example “Yes” or “No”) or the number of the option, such as “1” or “2”.

    If your audience vote through web, they should go to swiftpolling.com and enter the event code, which is unique for each account. After they will see the poll with its options and will vote for their preferred one.

    Your audience will see the results of the voting process updating in real time on the slide.

    Poll and presentation controls

    What is important you can control such poll and presentation features directly from the slide as:

  • Selecting among bar, column and pie charts.
  • Determining color theme.
  • Displaying voting instructions in full screen (poll results will be hidden.)
  • Switching dark mode depending on the lighting conditions of the room.
  • Controlling and navigating the poll – start / stop your poll, switch to other questions with “Next” and “Previous” buttons.
  • Editing poll – clicking on this button will take you the the editing screen of your Swift account.
  • Creating new poll – like the previous one, it takes to the poll creation screen
  • Resetting poll results – After resetting you will not be able to recover results anymore.
    Many of the mentioned presentation controls you can find hence entering your account from the slide and clicking on the button “configure”.


    More useful tools you can find clicking on the sidebar located at the bottom left corner of the presentation page.

    There are settings also for open ended and word cloud questions types, as Swift Polling enables to create such type of questions too.

    Apply the productivity tools that this audience response system offers to create a really engaging and unique presentation and impress your audience during your next meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, lecture or any other events.

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