Ensuring audience engagement during conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events is really challenging and requires thoughtful planning.

But it is possible: The following case study shows a successful example of audience engagement during a session organized by marketing guru Roman Daneghyan.

Who is Roman Daneghyan?

Daneghyan is chief marketing officer at Renderforest and the founder of “I Love Programming” page on Facebook (with 430,000 likes). Renderforest is an online branding company that lets its more than 5 million users make videos, websites and logos.

Roman Daneghyan for Swift by ExciteM

Despite the young age, Daneghyan is very successful. Besides his position at Renderforest, he was mentioned in Forbes.com, in various marketing blogs and websites such as ShareThis, Fitsmallbusiness, Marketorium, Business2commmynity, Referralrock, Workzone, Oliveandcompany and more. You can find his articles on marketing in such popular websites as CrazyEgg, AX Publisher, Savvysme, UpWork.

The Event

On March 16, 2019, Daneghyan held an event about digital marketing trends. The event lasted three hours, so to prevent the attendees from getting bored and distracted and provide more audience engagement, Daneghyan organized and held three games during the session with the help of Swift Polling.


Daneghyan planned to ask three questions to the audience in dedicated time slots to refresh and energize them.

The essence of the questions was the following: Daneghyan showed a picture of a product and asked the attendees to advertise it in one sentence.

Then he wrote down the first five answers, repeated them out loud for the audience, and told them to vote for the option they liked most.

Here Swift Polling came to help Daneghyan to organize the process quickly and easily. Attendees went to swiftpolling.com, entered the event code and voted.

Results were changing automatically in real time and all of the attendees were able to watch it unfold.

As one of the audience members, I confirm that it was very challenging and engaging. We watched how results are changing, impatiently waiting to know the winner.

The winners got gifts that Daneghyan prepared for them.

The audience engagement succeeded.

Q&A for Audience Engagement

Q&A sessions are an inevitable part of every event and this one was not an exception.

But unlike other traditional Q&A sessions, Daneghyan democratized the process with the aim of raising audience engagement even more.

He used one of the most up-to-date means enabling each member of the audience to ask a question without hesitation.


To make sure that all the presented information and concepts are clear to the audience, Daneghyan allocated enough time to the Q&A.

He created an open-ended question with the help of Swift Polling asking the audience “Do you have any questions?” As with his other questions, attendees went to swiftpolling.com, entered the event code and send their questions and feedback.

Importantly, this process started at the beginning of the event, which enabled people to send a question as it came to their minds.

Another advantage was anonymity. It resulted in a high participation rate, as many people are shy or feel uncomfortable asking questions in front of strangers.

At the end of the event, Daneghyan showed all the questions to the audience and started to ask them. He addressed all the questions and concerns one by one.

Daneghyan made audience engagement and satisfaction real during his event by using the productive tools that Swift Polling offers.

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