From medical conferences to seminars to staff meetings, it’s essential that healthcare organizations make their events as effective as possible.

Some new techniques can maximize the value of the event both for the healthcare organization and the participants. These tips will help engage the attendees and take your event to the next level.

1. Interactive medical conference

In traditional medical conferences, experts present topics and photos of medical cases, explain them and introduce remedies to them. Only at the end of the conference do attendees have the ability to interact, when organizers hold short Q&A sessions. Even then, not all participants feel comfortable to engage and ask questions.

An online poll can help to maximize the value of such conferences and make it much more interactive and attractive for attendees. How?

During speeches, experts can introduce a series of pictures with patient conditions and create polls asking the audience to choose the treatment option for the presented case. It will be challenging and self-checking, while also preventing practitioners from getting bored and distracted. Swift Polling, a poll maker, is a good platform to use in such cases. It will also enable experts to embed a link to the poll in their presentation to show the results in real time for discussion.

2. Interactive medical seminars and classes

Healthcare organizations hold seminars and classes, not only for professionals in the medical field, but also for their patients or the public. The purpose is to educate people on different health-related topics.

For example, a class on childbirth preparation or a seminar regarding laser skin resurfacing types can be organized by appropriate health institutions, not only to inform and educate participants, but also to learn their questions about these topics .

During such events, participants have a lot of questions. So it’s best to hold a Q&A during the presentation, leaving short intervals between sessions.

Remember that not all participants feel comfortable asking questions, especially since health topics are sensitive.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Q&A, conduct it anonymously with the help of tools such as Swift Polling. The anonymity will encourage attendees to ask questions more eagerly and will increase their participation rate.

Swift Polling will not only enable the participants to submit their questions but also allows presenters to star the questions which are more relevant or important to ask.

Live Q&A enables to include hundreds or thousands of participants at the same time instead of ten active ones.

3. Interactive staff meetings

Last but not least, healthcare organizations can maximize the value of their staff meetings with the help of online polls.

During casual company meetings, some employees aren’t eager to express their opinions or share their ideas. They may be shy, distracted or just not paying attention.

Again, online polling can help managers hear employees’ thoughts and show the range of opinions in the room.

Swift Polling provides the anonymity of an online poll. Employees submit their feedback anonymously through text or online. Then it’s possible to show the results in real-time, which will help to address employees’ concerns during the discussion.

Many healthcare organizations are already taking advantage of the possibilities of this digital era, when innovative technologies are making so many aspects of their work much more effective.

Don’t stay behind. Organize your next event by incorporating these useful techniques in your agenda.

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