HR managers are continuously looking for ways to measure employee engagement. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find the right ways to motivate employees or to figure out what resources they are lacking.

Human resource management requires a lot of creative and innovative employee engagement ideas.
hr managers ask questions with Swift Polling

The most productive way to find out how to engage employees is simple: Ask them. Regularly asking efficient questions helps you keep up with what’s really going on and gives you constructive feedback, which is necessary for building human resource management strategies. As an HR manager, it is easy to stick to one particular management style. The thing is that it doesn’t work for everyone in the room. That is why it is essential to ask each employee pointed questions in order to find out what parts of your management strategy need to be changed.

The answers become conversations about generating new employee engagement ideas and finding out what is essential for team members. Some of these ideas can be transformed into actions that will positively impact employee performance.

Here are 5 effective questions HR manager should ask employees:

1. If you owned the company, what’s one thing you would do differently?

This question helps encourage leadership from everyone in the company. Asking them to answer from the company owner’s point of view can give you some amazing ideas for making the company succeed.

2. How do you want to be rewarded?

Besides the main responsibilities of the HR manager, the human resources department is also responsible for rewards. Ask employees how they want to be rewarded – bonuses, vacations, more day offs, or maybe candy.

3. What is getting in the way of loving what you do?

It is important to find out about the obstacles that employees face. This question will help you both discover the problem and give an immediate solution.

4. What skills would you like to work on most right now?

You need to make sure that employees are making some progress on their growth and development. That is why it is better to talk about what they want to improve in the future and keep them engaged by giving them that opportunity.

5. What don’t you like about your job?

This question will help you find out your employees’ honest feedback about problems in the workplace. This way, you can improve or change some strategies and get new employee engagement ideas.
Human resource management with Swift Polling
The easiest way to ask these questions is by using the audience engagement tool Swift Polling. This is a live polling tool that lets you create any number of polls and open-ended questions. The polls are anonymous, so your employees will express their honest opinions without being afraid of getting punished or fired. You can also ask them to send their feedback with text polling. All you need to do is to ask the employees to use their mobile phones or any other gadgets in order to reply to your questions. The results will appear on the screen in real time. This will make it easier for you to understand the overall feedback on a certain topic.

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HR managers who want to make their company a better place for employees can stop guessing what will make them successful and just ask about it instead.

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