The job of organizing a company Christmas party can be really scary. The pressure of trying to organize something that all your teammates will like adds even more stress to your holiday season. A Christmas party is usually a cheerful way to bring everyone together and to socialize with them on a more personal level.

The most difficult part is to find food, entertainment and a venue that works for every person in the room. Take this as an opportunity to get to know your teammates better and to give them a unique party that they will always remember.

If you are not sure where to start, but you want to get the most out of your special event, this guide is for you. It will help you put together a stress-free and a truly memorable party for everyone attending.

Set the Date

December is a very busy time. In addition to the office Christmas party, your colleagues also have to attend their children’s school plays, travel to see their parents, plan their own Christmas parties, and buy presents for everyone. That means you need to set the date for your party as early as possible.
The most popular days for this type of party are Thursdays and Fridays. But if you don’t want your co-workers to show up tired after a long day of work, it is better to choose Saturday for your big event. People will be fresh enough to show up knowing that they have Sunday to relax before Monday.
The easiest way to set the date is to create a poll for all your colleagues. It is super easy to do with the live polling tool Swift Polling. All you need to do is provide date options. Ask everyone to vote for their preferred date with their mobile phones. The polling results will appear on the screen in real time. As it is impossible to please everybody, try to go with the majority when choosing your date.

Make a budget

This is one of the first things you need to do because it has a big impact on the type of party you organize. You need to make sure you are staying within the company budget for throwing your Christmas party. Remember to be realistic about the budget before determining the food, the main entertainment, and choosing the venue for the event. Generally, you will be given a number which is based on the company’s previous parties. Compare this budget with your estimated costs. If there’s a disagreement, explain the situation to your boss and tell him why you may need more.
Christmas parties are supposed to bring joy to all your co-workers, so try to allocate the budget to what is important to your colleagues. Find out what their expectations are and try to match them.
Remember that there can be some unexpected expenses during the event. Always leave some budget aside as a backup.

Choose a location

Decide whether you want to throw a party in the office or somewhere else. Parties in the office are more cost-effective than renting the space. But the work environment has its disadvantages because it puts your colleagues in the work mood, which is not the best mood for partying. Choosing a venue outside the office can give everyone a fresh attitude.
Try to choose a venue that is easily accessible for your coworkers. Venues go quickly around Christmas, so try to reserve the location as early as possible. Visit sites and ask for recommendations from your friends and family in order to choose the best restaurant, pub or bar for good food and a nice atmosphere.
If the guest list isn’t confirmed yet, make sure to have an option to add guests later on while booking the place. Ensure that there are no hidden charges for reserving it. Always check the location in person, even if it seems perfect online.

Create a Menu

Choosing the right food can be a lot of pressure. Set a budget for the menu based on how many people you expect. Usually plated meals in restaurants are more cost-effective than the buffet for this type of events. The most important thing to remember before creating a menu is that all your colleagues have different dietary requirements. Provide the restaurant with this list of requirements in order to make sure that the menu is suitable for everyone.
It is better to consult about the style of dishes with the chef. If you are planning to have alcoholic drinks, try to have a lot of finger food to go around. Appetizers and desserts can also be a good addition to these drinks. The chef will surely give you advice for what is suited to the season and what is better to serve for the number of guests that will be there.
Ask for a menu tasting, if possible, just to be sure that your coworkers won’t be disappointed. Before confirming the menu, make sure the amount of food is completely enough for the number of colleagues at your Christmas party. A good atmosphere with tasty food will make your party a success.

Christmas Party Competition

Karaoke seems to be the most popular among all the Christmas party competitions. Gather all of your colleagues for some rounds of singing the most popular Christmas songs. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the best voice or if they are not familiar with the songs yet. This activity is great entertainment which will spread the holiday spirit. At the end of the competition, use the online poll maker Swift Polling and ask your coworkers to anonymously vote for their favorite singer. Give the winner a special prize.
Another interesting activity you can suggest is called “Holiday Storytellers”. Everybody needs to use their mobile phones for this activity because it includes text polling. You will need a big screen for this game. One person begins a made-up holiday story by sending only one sentence with a text message which appears on the screen in real time. Each person after them sends their own sentence. The story keeps building, and turns into an interesting and fun activity. At the end, everyone chooses the participant whose sentences formed the plot twist of the story.

So there you have it. This list will help you successfully organize your amazing team Christmas party and make it unforgettable for all of your colleagues.

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