We all need icebreakers and fun games to make our Christmas celebrations interesting and memorable. They help everyone have a great experience and keep the atmosphere warm for the whole party.

Here are some of the most entertaining and competitive games that you can easily organize with the help of Swift Polling.

1.Ornament guess

For a great icebreaker, have your guests guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. The winner will get a small prize, for example, one of the ornaments.
To prepare the game, use an online poll maker called Swift Polling, which allows online and text polling. In advance, sign up on the website and a phone number will be assigned to your account. When guests enter the hall, start the game by asking them to send their guesses through a text message to that phone number.
As we see, Swift helps organize the game by avoiding a lot of mess.

2. Name the Christmas carol

How well do you know your Christmas songbook? In this game, guests identify Christmas carols based on hints that you provide.
Here again, an online poll maker (Swift Polling) easily organizes the game: Give a hint and ask attendees to text their Christmas song guesses to your Swift number. The one with the most correct answers will win and get a surprise.

3. Christmas find out who

This game encourages your guests to talk and identify each other’s interests, experiences, and fun facts. Try using Christmas-themed facts regarding the guests when preparing the game in order to keep the holiday atmosphere.
To organize the game you can use papers and pens: Guests should fill in the blank part in front of each listed prompt. The one who will have the most correct answers will win.
Otherwise, you can use Swift Polling, which is especially appropriate for larger parties: Instead of papers and pens, guests will use their devices to participate in the game.

4.Christmas trivia

This fun and challenging game includes multiple choice questions about Christmas traditions and figures. For example:
How many points does a snowflake traditionally have?
1. Six
2. Eight
3. Four
With Swift Polling, this game is fast and easy to organize. The facilitator creates multiple choice questions in advance. Attendees can participate through web or text polling. For web polling, the guests should visit the website, type in the event code and they will see the question with its options. They vote by tapping on one of the options. For text polling, the attendees will send the number of their chosen option in a text message to your Swift number. Everyone can see the results in real time.

5. Blind Christmas paper ripping

Let your guests show their creative side. To play, guests need a variety of Christmas-themed wrapping paper. They should rip the paper into the shape of any Christmas-related item behind their back or with closed eyes. After ripping, they can also add stickers or decorations.
If the party is small, all of them can participate. Otherwise, some of the guests can rip the paper while the rest will judge and chose a winner. Again, live polling can be a good fit for this part of the game: the facilitator can use Swift Polling to create a poll with the names of the guest artists. Through web or text polling the judges can choose the winner.

6. Holiday words

Here’s one for the wordsmiths. A leader separates the attendees into groups, gives them letters and sets a time limit for the game. The guests need to remember as many Christmas-related terms as possible that start with that letters and send them through text messages to the given number. Otherwise, the guests can send their word option on the web. When the time limit is up, the leader can stop the poll and answers won’t be counted anymore. The group with the most words wins.

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Hope you liked these game ideas and will incorporate them into your Christmas Eve program.

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