Effective audience engagement is a vital part of any conference, seminar, workshop, or meeting.
Presenters very often don’t pay enough attention to the techniques of audience engagement. Some of them think that just presenting the information that they compiled long before the event can be enough. But in that case, the whole event becomes just a waste of time, as an engaged and satisfied audience is a KPI of a successful meeting.


Attention spans have become increasingly short and every presenter has fewer minutes to spark attendees’ interest and grab their attention.
For that reason, I have rounded up some useful techniques of effective audience engagement such as a well-designed introduction, a live polling app, and more. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

1. A well-designed introduction

It is very important to capture the audience’s attention from the first moment of your presentation and keep it for the duration of the event. For that, you can start your speech with:

  • Storytelling: Share your experience with the attendees, why you have invested in the topic or speak about another person the audience can learn from. Bringing a real-life example can also spark audience attention and make them get involved.
  • A rhetorical or provocative question: Such questions make attendees believe in the position of a speaker.
  • An interesting, troubling fact or meaningful statistic: It will persuade your audience to get interested and engaged in the topic.
  • An anecdote: Telling jokes and being humorous is a great tool for effective audience engagement and helps to release stress at the start of a presentation.
  • So, use these precious opening moments to keep your audience involved and focused on the topic from the first moments of the event.

    2. Make it visual

    Visual elements engage attendees by expanding their comprehension, providing aesthetic attractiveness and making the material much more memorable and catchy. When it comes to grabbing the attention of the audience, visual approaches work better than verbal and written ones. Let’s see how your message can be presented through visualization:

  • A picture: The simplest way to visualize your information is a compelling and eye-catching picture. Make effective use of images during your event when possible.
  • A video: Short and to-the-point videos can be both entertaining and educational. Awesome videos are a powerful tool for effective audience engagement and are a favorite part of any presentation.
  • An infographic: Include the most important points of your message in infographics. They are a time-saving and educational way to provide information.
  • All of these techniques will prevent your audience from getting bored and help them retain the information better.

    3. Encourage interaction

    One of the powerful techniques for effective audience engagement is conducting live polls. People don’t like to just sit and be talked at during the whole meeting. So don’t make your event a boring monologue, use innovative technologies to actively engage attendees.
    Unlike kids, adults like quizzes and consider them challenging and entertaining. Use a live polling app to create quizzes with fun and educational questions — and let your audience share their opinions and experiences.
    To conduct free live audience polling and make quizzes easy and interactive, use Swift Polling, a live polling app which has many advantages:

  • It is user-friendly.
  • Doesn’t require an installation, making the process fast and easy.
  • Enables users to send a text poll through the designated phone number as well as vote through web.
  • Provides an opportunity to embed the polls in your presentation and show results on the big screen in real time.
  • The free plan include up to 50 responses.
  • Incorporate fun and interactive quizzes in your event as an entertaining and engaging break to your one-way speech.

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    4. Q&A

    Running a short Q&A session in the middle of your talk rather than waiting to finish the presentation will ensure that each member of your audience is engaged throughout the event and has the opportunity to ask questions that can be forgotten at the end of the event.
    You can also use a live polling app such as Swift Polling for simultaneous question collection. Attendees can submit their questions and feedback through a number, which is used also for a text poll. Then you will moderate the questions to answer them throughout the presentation.

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